22 Simple Lifehacks You Can Achieve With Just Rubber BandsAdvertisement

2. Keep Sliced Apples Fresh
Sliced apples for party food or children’s lunch boxes and have leftovers or just don’t need them anymore? Just put them so that the exposed areas aren’t facing outwards and have a rubber band hold them in place so that the air can’t get to them and they stay fresher for longer.
3. Stop Blobby and Excessive Paint
When painting walls or fences, place a rubber band slightly offset over the top of your pain can so that the brush rubs against as you draw it out. This will stop excess paint getting on the brush and prevent blobby, runny patches on your walls.
4. Create Abstract Art
By stretching rubber bands over an empty frame with a piece of paper beneath it, you can twang paint brushes against them to create Jackson Pollock-esque pieces. A great summer activity to do with the kids or for yourself if you’re feeling artsy.
5. Rubber Bands and Pipe Cleaners Prevent Clothes Falling Off Hangers
If you find clothes keep falling off hangers then just wrap pipe cleaners or rubber bands around the area of the frame where the shoulders of the garment would sit to create more friction and narrow the frame. Hot glue also works for this (just make sure it’s fully dried before you put your clothes on it).
6. Stop Your Chopping Board Slipping
Create some friction with your chopping board to stop it slipping as you’re preparing food. A rubber band over each end should keep it in place and lessen the chances of a nasty cut happening or your food getting away from you.
7. Hold Your Phone In Place Whilst Using GPS
There is no longer a need to buy SatNavs with Smart Phone technology but they can be a pain to hold in place whilst driving, especially if you don’t want to spend money on a stand or holder. Get around this by sliding an elastic band in between your air conditioning vents and voila!
8. Cheap and Easy French Manicures
By wrapping a rubber band around your nails, you can paint them without ever running over the line you want. Nice!
9. Learn To Use Chopsticks
Chopsticks can be awkward to use and it’s embarrassing to ask for a fork in an Asian restaurant but with a rolled up piece of paper and elastic bands, you can carry on as though you are a pro.
10. Stop Your Glasses From Slipping
It’s better if you get frames that fit you but that can be expensive and it might be months until your next eye test. Until then, wrap bands around the ends of the arms to solve any slippage issues safe in the knowledge that those bits are hidden behind your ears anyway.
11. Stop Utensils Slipping Into Pans and Bowls
When preparing or cooking food, you sometimes want to just leave the utensils in the bowl as you turn to do something else but they often slip into the mix. A rubber band wrapped at the point where you want it to stop slipping will solve that problem easily.
12. Open Tough Jars
Create more grip on jars that are hard to open by placing a rubber band on the lid and where your other hand holds to stop your wrist from slipping.
13. Open Sticky Nail Polish
With the same application as tough jars, just use bands to create extra grip on nail polish bottles that are now sticking together.
14. Make Extra Space At The Buffet
If you’ve over indulged and your pants are feeling a bit too tight then just loop a band through the button hole and attach it to the button. It’ll keep your pants up but give you that little bit of extra space for comfort.
15. Deal With Stiff Zippers
An elastic band through a stiff zipper can give you an extra bit of leverage to get it moving again.
16. Keep Your Teabag In Place
For those of you who enjoy a good cuppa’, keep the tea bag in place as you leave it to brew without it slipping into the drink. Also great when making iced tea as you can just leave the bag in when you put it in the fridge and not worry about it sinking to the bottom.
17. Protect Fragile Stemware in The Dishwasher
Anything with a delicate stem is always problematic in the dishwasher but by using elastic bands to keep them secured to the edge of the draw, you can prevent them from getting bashed about too much.
18. Elongate The Life of Your Broom
If the bristles on your brushes and brooms are becoming loose then an elastic band can hold them in place and keep them going for a while longer.
19. Decorate Your Chargers
Use elastic bands to mark out your chargers and cables so that you know which is which and can tell the difference between yours and your roommates.
20. Make Reading Easier
Turn pages and separate notes easier with a rubber band around your finger rather than licking it like a gross person.
21. Unscrew Stripped Out Screws
If a screw has been stripped out, fear not as a rubber band will give your screwdriver a bit of added grip when getting the darned thing out.