10 Remote And Surprisingly Inhabited Areas From Around The Worldtourstravelpackages.com

Bestowed with the accolade of being the northernmost public community in the world, Barrow, Alaska shares its vast space with a variety of cold-blooded animals including polar bears. Yet, for those 4,500 warm-blooded souls, dealing with temperatures well below freezing is almost a daily occurrence. And after the sun goes down in November- normlly for over three months- the temperature typically drops to minus 30 degrees.
8. Bantam Village, Cocos (Keeling) Islands
These remote Australian owned islands were a late discovery among explores. In fact, it wasn’t until 1814 that a Scotsman named John Clunies-Ross briefly stopped on the islands to nail a union jack flag on the island before deciding to set up his own community there years later. Now home to 600 people, it’s believed that some members of the Clunies-Ross family still reside on the islands.
9.Medog (Motuo) County, China
China has a population of over 1bn, yet only 12,000 inhabitants live in Motuo County in Tibet. However, not only is the population minute, but it’s also a mini-wilderness. So cut off was it from the rest of China that natives wanting to leave the county had to trek across mountains rising 4,000 meters above sea level , which was regularly frequented with avalanches and landslides. Thankfully, a new highway was recently installed, linking the once road-less county to the rest of China for 8-9 months of the year.
10. Tristan da Cunha