10 Websites That Will Make You More Intelligent

Top Tips August 29, 2017 By Hugo

Many websites try to grab our intention and keep us coming back for more, but such sites are usually limited to a select few. Think Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or Google, YouTube and Amazon. These websites have monopolised a medium that has billions of web pages, which is a mind-boggling feat in itself. 

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So with that in mind, we at Lifehack Lane are keen to inform our readers of a variety of lesser-known websites that are not only entertaining but also highly informative. Here are 10 such sites. 

1. The World Factbook

While many opt for Wikipedia as their go-to source for information, America's C.I.A regularly updates their 'World Factbook' which offers information on a range of countries. 

Better still, the C.I.A. is a reputable source and is more likely to hold up as fact in that essay of yours than any Wikipedia page would. And whether you're browsing the tax laws of South Sudan or the trade surplus of China, you'll be sure to find all that information and more on this killer site.

2. Pinfruit

We're always coming up with numeric passwords for our gadgets, but we often forget them quite quickly. And that's where Pinfruit comes in. By analysing the number typed into the search box, the website provides an array of interesting memory device options.

As of yet, there isn't one for words, but this device is still pretty cool and is worth checking out even if you simply want to improve your memory skills.

3. Memrise

Unlike Pinfruit, Memrise uses interactive gaming features to get people hooked on a website that aims to promote one's memory.

So If you struggle with storing those all important facts for your exams (you're not alone) then why not make a habit of using Memrise? If anything you'll soon find yourself addicted to a website that serves not only as a form of entertainment but also a valuable tool in self-improvement.

4. Investopedia

Most people- especially in Western societies- refuse to entertain the idea of engaging in a conversation about derivative markets or the price of oil because most haven't a clue about how to invest their money and find it really boring to talk about.

So to get around this problem, Investopedia provides a live news blog that breaks down the latest news from Wall Street into one easy-to-understand feed. What's more, there is an abundance of tutorials and videos that will soon have you hooked and ready to start investing some of your hard earned cash.

5. Ted

There are millions of self-learning tools out there, but some are more effective than others. Ted, the world's leading speaking organisation, celebrates creative and academic thought via a variety of subjects and disciplines. 

So if there's a topic you'd like to know more of, just search for it on Ted. Other websites out there such as Wikiversity and 99UU are also excellent and easy-to-use tools for educational interaction. 

6. Duolingo

As the name suggests, Duolingo aims to promote the learning of foreign languages. Essentially, it's a free version of Rosetta-Stone, but it does the same job just as effectively.

Users are presented with many tests and quizzes and easy to learn nouns and phrases which, if regularly done, can have you fluent in Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese and Italian in months. Admittedly, you need to devote at least an hour a day to the site if you want speedier results, but it's worth it for a service many competitors charge for.

7. Nerd Fitness 

Let's face it: gyms can be intimidating places- especially if you aren't blessed with natural good looks or find it hard to socialise among large crowds. But that's where Nerd Fitness comes in. 

Created to widen exercise to everyone and not just have it be the preserve of jocks and models, Nerd Fitness uploads useful and easy-to-follow information at how best to get in shape and also offers a yearly camp for users keen to meet up and share their goals with others. 

8. Information is Beautiful 

Information is Beautiful provides stunning visuals to present complex data so if you want to find out about the many common nature myths people still believe are real you can click on the section and view an array of visuals that present said facts.

Of course, it may sound rather pointless to some, but you'll be surprised how useful a few bright colours and visuals can be when attempting to retain information.

9. Spreeder

Most of us haven't time to digest large chunks of information, so it helps when we can have things summarised. However, Spreeder believes that summarising information into smaller parts isn't necessary. Instead, the website argues that most have trouble reading quickly because of our inner voice slowing us down.

To get around this, Spreeder teaches you to read without an inner voice, which it claims can improve reading speed and comprehension. And like with the others websites, it's totally free of charge.

10. Codeacademy

The world practically revolves around the internet nowadays, and it will only continue doing so. For these reasons, coders have never been more in-demand and a whole new generation are being taught code from an early age due to governments realising that the future of commerce is very much online.

For these reasons, websites like Codeacademy are great introductions to an often complex subject.  Offering free and easy-to-understand tutorials, the basics of coding are covered to a tee and before you know it you'll be applying for a job at Facebook. Or creating a better version of Facebook....


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