12 Ways To Show Yourself The Love You Deserve!

Top Tips November 2, 2017 By Vincent

We are all a constant work in progress to be better people and live a life worth living but we all deserve love and self-respect and sometimes those feelings have to come from ourselves. Here we look at a few ways we can enrich our own lives with some simple tips that are easy to follow.

1. What Do You Love About You?

Find what you love about yourself and tell yourself regularly. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of why we are the people we are and why we do the things we do.


It is important to reaffirm our own special qualities and what we do for the world and others and show that love to ourselves.

2. Realize That No One is Perfect

By accepting our imperfections we can start to let go of the things that we don't need to be striving for.


No one in this world is perfect and there is always something we can work on and once we have done that we can start working on fixing those problems as well as accepting life for what it is rather than focus on what it should be.

3. Stop Seeking Approval

To get approval feels great but often we spend too much time seeking that of others rather than doing what we want to do. Once we free ourselves from other people's expectations we can focus on doing what is right for ourselves.


4. Distance Yourself From Those Who Bring Negativity Upon Yourself

Everyone is a little negative sometimes but you need to identify those who are bringing you down with their negative comments and outlook on the things you are doing.


If you are positive about yourself you don't need others telling you otherwise so keep your distance from these influences and focus on you.

5. Make The Necessary Changes

Don't be afraid of change, be ready to embrace.


Sometimes we cling to things bringing us down because it is comfortable or we are scared of not being to regain those things if we fail but it important to leave the situations preventing us from growing behind so that we can become the best versions of ourselves.

6. Don't Worry About The Past

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has regrets. You will always be thinking about what could have been had you made a different decision but you need to leave that in the past when it happens and not dwell on it.


Now is the time and focussing on what has already gone will just get you nowhere. 

7. Be Grateful

Although things can be frustrating or unfruitful, too many times we spend our time focussing on what we could have rather than what we do have.


What is best is to be grateful for the positives in our lives and use our frustrations to further motivate us.

8. Do Things That Make You Happy

If you spend at least part of each day doing something that makes you happy, you will always have something to look forward to and know that for at least a tiny portion of the day you will have that happiness to look forward to.

Yulia Glam/Shutterstock.com

Utilize your creativity by cooking or writing or drawing or just meet people and do things you want to do.

9. Believe In Yourself

By believing in your abilities you may well be surprised at what you can achieve. If you don't ever try because you feel you will fail, you will never succeed.


Believe to succeed!

10. Be Intuitive and Honest

Live with integrity and approach each situation with honesty and you will go far. Only do what you think is best and if you're not sure, use your intuition.


Trust in your own judgments and stick by them.

11. Love Others As Well As Yourself

Those who give love will get love in return and so will bring love upon themselves.

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This is instant karma in action and actually works so be generous and giving and people will return the favor.

12. Don't Take Life Too Seriously


Self-pity stems from seriousness, if you can laugh at the absurdity of situations then a situation can turn from tragic to funny in an instant.Don't let fear hold you back and learn to live, love and laugh.


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