5 Ways To Learn New Skills Quickly

Top Tips November 24, 2017 By Vincent

We've all wanted to learn something new at some point and not had the time or commitment to do so but whether it be a new language or how to play a musical instrument, there are some handy hints that will help with learning something new in a much quicker time than you thought possible. Here we run through 5 steps that will help you learn anything faster.


1. Find the Right Method For You

When it comes to learning absolutely anything, there are going to be many, many methods available to you and no matter how committed you are to the subject, you need to find the best learning method that suits you. Some people are kinetic learners which means they are better by practically trying things out over say, visual learners who prefer to see things in practice. Do the research into the different ways of learning your chosen task and pick what suits you best. If you have a method that suits your thinking you are far more likely to succeed and in a better time frame as well.


2. Obey Pareto's Law

Pareto's Law is a concept developed by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto that explains that roughly 80% of your desired outputs will come from just 20% input. In layman's terms, this means you will get your best results from focussing on a specific thing, so 80% of your income from your shop will come from 20% of your customers i.e. the high spending regulars. This can also apply to learning where 80% of your desired success will come from 20% of the work needed to be done. For example, if learning a language for conversational practices then it's best to focus on speaking it and not dedicate too much time to writing or reading it. Of course, they are important but if you just need it for holiday, you won't need these two practices as much as the other one.

3. Learn by Doing

Practical application of any knowledge always helps cement it in the brain. It's all well and good having a theoretical knowledge of something but if you can't do it, what's the point. Think about learning a new sport or riding a bike, you can't learn those things by watching tutorial videos and having an extensive knowledge of the rules, you have to pick up and play and just get on with it. 


4. Get A Teacher

Having someone coach you through things is far more advantageous than being an autodidact. By having someone impart their wisdom you know what you need to do to keep learning and have someone else observing your blind spots and telling you what to focus on which you might miss if you don't know what you're looking for.



5. Focus On The Process Before Refining It

Too many people fail at learning new things because they are obsessed with perfection and quite often spend time trying to perfect minor niggles rather than getting the basics down. Once you have got the practicalities you can then focus on mastering the art but you need to know what you're doing first. Just sit down and get the work done and you'll see results.


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