10 Top Tips To Always Find Cheap Flights

Top Tips May 19, 2017 By Vincent

If you have a painful case of wanderlust but all too often find flights to anywhere just a little bit too expensive you may want to brush up on our top tips for finding low-cost airfares so that you can travel for less.

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There are ways of getting out there for cheap, you just have to be a little bit flexible with your plans.


1. Keep Up To Date With Your Local Airport

It may sound like a pain in clogging up your inbox, or social media feeds by signing up to newsletters or following the airport on facebook, twitter, etc. but quite often airports will offer deals or cheaper flights on new routes.

Staying abreast of what routes they are offering or deals if seats on particular routes haven't sold can save you a hefty chunk of cash.


2. Book Flights On A Tuesday

As a general rule of thumb, Tuesdays are the cheapest day to fly. Mondays are often booked up by business travelers and later in the week tourists and vacationers head on out for long weekends of to pack in more for the week ahead.

As such, if you can fly on Tuesday, it will probably be the cheaper option.


3. Clear Your Cookies On The Computer You're Searching For Flights With

Seriously, if you have cookies or if you even have two or three search tabs open at one time, your flight costs could be higher. Most websites use cookies to identify you in various ways as you surf the Internet, but if it can't identify your shopping preferences, it will offer you the lowest rate.

This is the theory at least and if you don't want to clear your cookies, just browse incognito.

4. Seize Upon Mistakes

Sometimes airlines publish ridiculously cheap fares, and this is because they've made a mistake, like we all do from time to time, but be prepared to jump on them.

There are websites out there that will flag these up, but you will have to be flexible with times and dates and also be prepared to book straight away because as soon as that mistake is noticed, it will be gone.


5. Use Price Comparison Sites

It should be a given in this day and age to be using price comparison sites, but you'd be amazed at how many people still don't. They take the effort out of comparing flights and can quite often find you a deal or suggest cheaper dates/times to fly.

Kayak, Skyscanner, and Hostelworld are just a few of these and can also help with hotels, car rental, etc.


6. Consider Indirect Flights

Yes, you have to wait around somewhere for a while, and yes it adds time onto your travel, but it can save you serious money if you are prepared to consider indirect flights.

Granted, it's a trade-off between time and money but if your time rich and cash poor, why not give it a go?


7. Look At Local Airlines

If you've found a cheap flight to somewhere, you want to go, check out a local airline and see if they are offering the same route for cheaper and you may be surprised what happens.

For example, if you fly from the US to South America, the local carrier could be cheaper than the American one so always double check.


8. Be Flexible With Your Dates

If you aren't completely set on when you want to travel, be prepared to be flexible as you may be able to travel far cheaper later in the month or year due to peak times and other circumstances.

A lot of price comparison sites give you the option to search for flights within the range of a whole month rather than specific dates so make use of them.


9. Don't Set A Destination

Seriously, if you don't set a destination in many flight search engines, you can find the cheapest flight options from your chosen airport and that way you can see where is cheap to go and then decide if you want to go there.

If you just want to see as much of the world as possible, then this is a great way of doing so on the cheap.


10. Be Quick About It!

If you subscribe to airline and flight comparison newsletters, you'll receive details on flash sales and limited time offers so be prepared to act fast when they do come up.

It may mean going somewhere you've never even considered before but it could be a great adventure so why not give it a go?


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