6 Top Tips That Will Help You Better Manage Your Time

Top Tips September 26, 2017 By Hugo

Time is a concept that never seems to satisfy us. Somehow, 24 hours isn't enough, and no matter how hard we think we work, the tasks only seem to pile up. But there are some who manage to stay on of things better than others. They know how to stay focused and are admired because of it.

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However, if you're one of the many people whose name isn't synonymous with the word 'organised' then read on as we take you through 6 quick and easy ways you can better manage your time. 

1. Block out all the distractions when completing a task

In the modern-day world of social media, it's almost an achievement in itself to go an hour of the day without scrolling through your news feed. And thanks to the smartphone, our distractions aren't only assigned to the house. And whether you're at work trying to complete the latest report or in a cafe attempting to write that elusive first novel, make sure you get into a habit of turning off your phone.

Granted, you'll still be online if working with a computer, but you won't be beholden to people's calls and messages. But if you still don't trust yourself with a computer- even after you've switched your phone off- then download Cold Turkey- a website which blocks typical procrastination sites like Facebook and Youtube. 

2. Say No

How many times have you felt guilt-tripped into saying yes? Yes, I'll go out for one drink, which soon turns into ten. Yes, I'll meet you in town for a whole days shopping. These activities are of course pleasantries as well, but if you aren't prepared to reign in and create your own time- which is what you should be doing to the point where you become greedy with it- then you'll find yourself never having the time to work on anything productive.

Say no, however, and you might start to see yourself devoting more time to something worthwhile.

3. Create a plan 

By a plan, what we mean is having an aim. You'll find that if you already know and are committed to it, you'll make sure each day is used more wisely to get a step closer to achieving that goal.

And whether that's writing a novel, creating a website or baking cakes, having a purpose can help you see the importance of making the most of the limited number of hours you have available.

4. Get into a daily routine 

The most successful people in the world, whether they're CEO's or medical professionals, all have one thing in common: a routine.

It's essential for their lifestyle to know what's ahead. Even if it's making sure you're in bed by 11 each night, just knowing you're in control of something will allow you to get far more done.

5. Always wear a watch

It may sound obvious, but those who wear watches were proven by one study to be more reliable, self-disciplined and punctual. It doesn't have to be a top-of-the-range Rolex, but by investing in a simple watch, you're consciously making yourself aware of the reality that your time is always ticking away.

6. Focus on one thing at a time

Multi-tasking is never a good idea. Why? Because while you think you may be getting more done, all you're doing is giving less time and quality to them. But if you focus on one task at a time, you'll find that not only does the quality improve, but the efficiency in which you do things improves too. Remember, every task deserves your up-most attention.

If you're running around like a headless chicken attempting to do everything at once, then you will probably find yourself spending twice as long as a task that could have been done in half that time had you given it your utmost attention.


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