10 Things You Can Do In Summer If You're Bored and Broke

Top Tips June 22, 2017 By Hugo

Summer can be great if you have stuff planned, but for everyone else, it's usually a time when you wish you were having fun like everyone else and had something to do. 

In other words: You become incredibly bored. 

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But you needn't be. Sure, you may live in an area where not a lot is going on, and you may also have little money, but there are things everyone can do in the summer months that can help alleviate long stretches of boredom.

Here are 10 such things.

1. Read a book

We know it may not sound as appealing as watching whatever it is Netflix has promised you is the Next Big Thing, but if you step outside and lie down on a patch of warm, sun-soaked grass, you might find yourself compelled to read a good-old-fashioned book

Wherever you live, whether it's by the beach, in the countryside or a busy city, reading in a quiet place during the warmer months can be highly therapeutic.

2. Get a summer job

If you're a student faced with the all-too-real possibility of having little to do during the 3-month break, you may want to consider getting yourself a summer job. Not only will you add routine into your days, but you'll also have more money to do things like go on holiday. And who knows? You could even meet someone and have a summer romance.

Heck, even if you're just flipping burgers with a bunch of disillusioned teens for a couple of months, it beats having your parents nagging you to get a job as you rise at 1 in the afternoon for the umpteenth time.

3. Go on a mini-adventure 

If you've not got much going on for you, then why not get lost in an epic adventure? You could call a few friends and organise a camping trip in the local woods. Or ride your bikes in a more rural part of town and stop off at an array of pubs along the way. 

Adventures are so often associated with expensive holidays when in reality you can have just as much fun near where you live should you venture further afield.

4. Go to the gym

Staying fit in the summer months is ideal because not only do you not have the excuse of "it's too cold outside" to cling onto, but you also have endless opportunities to show everyone what fine abs you have.

Vanity aside, keeping fit is an excellent way to pass the time, and even if you aren't on that private cruise in the Carribean that your rich friend just posted about on Instagram, at least you can take solace in looking good. Look good, feel good, right? 

5. Volunteer

Volunteering in the summer months is great because that's when companies and organisations know more people will be around to help, meaning you won't be short on offers should you want to make yourself available.

Sure, you might not get paid, but you could find yourself working with interesting people, and most importantly you'll be giving back to your local community which is far more impressive than posting images of your all-inclusive holiday just to let everyone know what a great life you lead.

6. See more of your friends 

The summer is a perfect time to catch up with those friends you've neglected in the winter months because of your inability to say no to yet another movie night with your clingy partner, and even if you arrange to take just one day off, you'll find yourself feeling better for catching up with them.

And it doesn't have to be anything fancy. You could simply drink beer in your local park and reminisce about the good old days. It may not be as good as backpacking across Europe like you did before, but at least you'd have had spent some quality time together.

7. Play team sports

Team sports are always a great excuse for friends to come together, and even if your friends are busy, you could always go to your local park and ask if you could join in with whatever sport it is they are playing.

More often that not players will welcome others, and in the summer months the games can go on for hours, with strangers embracing each other solely for the mutual love they have for the sport being played.

8.Start a hobby

I've always viewed the summer as a great opportunity to start a hobby. It could be picking up a guitar for the first time, or writing a novel. You could even develop a skill you've practised for years but haven't had a chance to work on due to your busy schedule.

Whatever it is, make the most of your free time. Life should be about doing the things you love, so don't let laziness and an innate fear of failure stop you from challenging yourself doing the things that can ultimately give you the most joy.  

9. Get experimental in the kitchen

Who doesn't like tasty, summer food? It conjures up images of freshly seasoned meats marinated in the finest dressings as the charred smells from the various barbeques dotted around the neighbourhood. Yes, we've made you really hungry. But we've also given you some ideas.

Summer is a mecca for foodies, after all,  many of whom get together and attempt to outdo each other on the barbeque. But you don't just have to grill your way to a heart attack. You can make refreshing salads. Create your own pizza bases. You can even appease your sweet tooth and make your very own ice cream.

10. Sunbathe

Last but not least, if you're still stuck for ideas, then why not just do what everyone else does in the summer months and get your tan on? You may not be anywhere exotic, but so long as there are sun-dappled areas to bathe in, you can at least take solace in your boring life by seeing the colour of your skin turn an enviable brown.

Perfect then, for people who don't like doing much, which in the summer, is almost everyone.


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