5 Things You Should Learn From Morning People Before Going To Work

Top Tips September 27, 2017 By Hugo

Getting out of bed in the morning divides opinion. For most, waking up in the morning is a thankless task that offers little satisfaction. For the smaller minority, however, mornings are nothing more than a simple routine.

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Most significantly, nearly all early birds will live a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Just look at the most esteemed and celebrated people in society. Whether they be Presidents, CEO's, athletes or broadcasters, nearly all will tell you that a fundamental determinant of their success was their ability to make the most of each day. 

With that in mind, and in the interests of helping those in need of a bit of morning motivation, here are 5 simple things happier and more productive people do before work.

1. They take in their surroundings 

Being at one with nature doesn't have to involve converting into a full-blooded hippy. What it does allow you to do is be more at one with yourself and the objects and places that define the world you live in. We so often forget how beautiful the things that surround us are.

If you can appreciate it all, then you'll realise the importance of life having a bigger picture, no matter how hard or stressful the day ahead turns out to be,

2. They exercise

Whether it's going to the gym for an hour or running 20 minutes around the block, getting the endorphins going before work can bolster your productivity and overall wellbeing when undertaking working tasks.

So invest in a good pair of running shoes and reap the results.

3. They write down what needs doing before entering the office

Even if it's on the way to work, brainstorming down ideas for the morning board meeting or creating a daily plan before work can save you a great deal of time and stress.

If you're constantly rushing into the office, you'll find yourself behind with tasks that could easily have been down in half the time if you came in better prepared.

4. They work on a passion project

While our jobs are important, our activities outside the workplace are too. It could be anything. A novel. A painting. Code for a new website. Whatever it is, the morning has often been seen as the best time for creative thinking.

If you don't have anything in the pipelines, then have a long hard think about what is you've always wanted to do, or at least attempt to. Once you have that figured, devote at least 20 minutes of the morning every day to it. 

5. They Always wake up earlier than needed

Nobody likes rushing to and from places. It creates unnecessary stress and often diverts attention away from the most pressing things that need doing.

So to stay on top of stuff, set your alarm one hour earlier than needed. It's easier said than done, we know! Nobody likes parting with the warmth and comfort of a duvet, but staying in bed worrying about the day ahead isn't much fun either. 


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