8 Things We Must Always Do When Life Drags Us Down

Top Tips September 12, 2017 By Hugo

There's no natural remedy for sadness. Neither is there one for stress or anger. No, more often than not, these are all human emotions that aren't easy to process and whether your child is going through a tough time at school or your health is dwindling, life can sometimes seem like nothing other than a black-painted canvas. 

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What's important to remember, however,  is how powerful the mind is. It can change our thought process and make us see the world in an entirely different light and with these eight tips, we at Lifehack Lane want to show you that while anything can happen in life, anything can also occur in the mind.

Here are eight ways you can train the mind to help you get through the toughest moments in life.

1. Think about a moment in your life that made you really happy

While living in the past is often ill-advised, allowing yourself to slip back to a sweet moment can sometimes be a healthy mental exercise.

Doing so shows us that we have experienced an array of positive emotions that we can still experience again.

2. Look around the room and try and find the beauty in something

It can be anything. The faded color of the curtains. The photos of your mother in the corner of your room.

The mind can offer us so much more if we fight against the preconceived idea of happiness- namely; wealth, beauty, and fame. 

3. Never imagine the worst

When we are feeling weak, it's almost innate in us as human beings to imagine the worst-case scenario. What if he dies? Or I die? Or everyone makes fun of me? It can be horrific and lead some people into a state of constant anxiety.

But they're just thoughts! They are nightmares that have entered our everyday process. So look around and tell yourself nothing has happened. Dark thoughts may be visual, but mostly, they are never physical.

4. Walk in a quiet area of town and analyze the nature

They all do it. Tech wizards. CEOs. Artists. Why? Because peaceful and relaxing moments offer pause and moments of reflection amidst Earth's wonders. 

The birds twitter in the trees. The sun strokes your cheek. The rain seeps into your skin. Whatever you see, hear or feel, it's important to remember you're alive. You're living and feeling everything that makes mortal life so remarkable and extraordinary.

5. Imagine your life without the things you love

Being grateful for what you have, as opposed to what you don't is a saying we all know well. But it's only when you find yourself in a position where things aren't going to plan that you reflect on such meanings.

 If you have a partner and/or children, then cherish them. Tell them how much you love them. Taking anyone/anything for granted should be seen as a sin. Once you realize this, you can revolutionize your happiness.

6. Remain pragmatic 

Like with anything problematic, it's always best if you approach the situation with a calm and collected mind. Assess the possible costs and ask yourself what can be done to overcome them? Are the bills out-of-hand? If so, what needs to be done to lower costs? Maybe it's your health. Have you just been diagnosed with a major illness? If so, what did they say?

These are all scenarios that can be devastatingly difficult to take in and require a lot of patience and reflection. But, once the dust has settled, you'll find remaining calm and positive can sometimes serve far more of a benefit than any rage or anger ever could. 

7. Think of a dream or goal

Motivation is a core ingredient to leading a happy and fulfilled life. It's what keeps us striving for better prospects, whatever they may be.

If you don't have any goals or dreams, then find one. It doesn't have to involve becoming president or being the youngest astronaut in space. But whatever it is, identify and work towards it. The Brazilian author Paulo Cohelo's international bestseller 'The Alchemist' is a must-read book for those unsure of where they're heading. As he writes, it's the beauty of working towards a dream that makes life more tolerable. “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too," he writes.

8. Accept that most things are out of your control

Being unable to monitor certain aspects of your life can drive you mad. But, it shouldn't do. If anything, you should take consolation in knowing that certain things in life are not of your making. Instead, it's important to remember the things you can control, and concentrate on those issues.

Family, relationships, professional issues- these are parts of life that require different approaches. Adapt, and you'll find that certain things simply aren't worth worrying over.


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