10 Things Interesting People Do Better Than Others

Top Tips September 28, 2017 By Hugo

We've probably had at least one moment in our lives when a friend or family member has told us we're boring and it's not a nice thing to hear.

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Of course, being boring is entirely subjective, and what constitutes 'boring' and 'interesting' to one person may differ completely to someone else, but no one wants to have their personality insulted. However, there are a few habits interesting people possess that are universally loved, and if you adopt a few of their traits it might help you appear less boring and bring out the awesomeness you know is bursting inside of you.

Here are 10 character traits interesting people possess.

1. They are talkative, especially at parties

For most of us, parties can be daunting- especially if they are for networking purposes. They needn't be, though. Whether it's a business function or a friend's 21st with many people you are unfamiliar with, loosen yourself up and approach everyone as though they were your friend.

Smile, engage in their interests, and most of all always enter every conversation with an open mind. That way you won't be viewed as the boring person in the corner.

2. They are ambitious

We get it: not everyone was born to run a Fortune 500 company or run a marathon in under 3 hours. But that doesn't mean that being ambitious has to result in you becoming a ruthless CEO or fitness freak. What it does offer is the chance for you to live your life to the fullest and to chase your dreams.

Most importantly, you are working on something that you would like to define you in some way. If you are merely content with working your 9-5 and having no hobbies on the side, let alone having a passion project, then you'll naturally come across as someone who isn't too dissimilar to the majority of others.

3. They are warm and kind

What makes others approachable isn't just their confidence and charisma; it is also their kindness.

After all, nobody likes a show-off or an egotistical jerk. But if you can balance confidence with gentle kindness and patience, then you'll prove a hit with pretty much anyone.

4. They can talk to anybody

Being able to relate to all types of people is a unique skill set that many- even the most brazen and outgoing- find difficult. Why? Because it's one thing to talk to your friends or even your peer group, but to be able to converse and mix with any age or background is a skill in itself.

So learn to act in certain situations. For example, an engaging person's approach to speaking with their friends will differ to how they treat a middle-aged Japanese client they are entertaining for work. In sum, acquaint yourself with a plethora of personalities and with time, you'll be in a conversation with the world. 

5. They are passionate about many things

Having a zest for something can quickly distinguish you from a dull person. Take person A. Person A is at a table talking openly about his love for skydiving and his adventures across Europe.

Person B, on the other hand, is more content with only watching his local baseball team every Saturday. Immediately, your mind is more attracted to Person A. Person B seems like a good man, but with just baseball in his life, there's not much else for him to talk about. So broaden your horizons, and in time, you'll be more likely to meet and converse with different people.

6. They are comfortable in their skin

Confidence is key, and for those that have it, it probably isn't something that's come naturally. After all, we are all shy in some way, and every day we are faced with tests.

Tests to prove ourselves to everyone else. But for those that have stopped trying to please others and have instead focused more on their development as a person, then they are more likely to feel comfortable with how they act around others.

7. They crave to better themselves

Interesting is a word that is brandished about a lot- just as it has been in this article.

But perhaps the most attractive trait someone can have is a tenacity and willingness never to settle for anything other than their dreams. It will shine through when you tell people about your aspirations, and people will sometimes become inspired themselves just from sharing a conversation with you.

8. They aren't afraid to be themselves 

How many times have you seen someone odd and quirky light up a room? Not often, right? And that's because they're incredibly rare. Think Jim Carrey. Russel Brand. Lady Gaga. These people act in ways most would never dare. But they are interesting because they are different.

That's not to say you should imitate them. Instead, practice behaving how you would be at home with nobody watching when you are in a group, and you'll probably find people take more of interest in you. It's important never to let fear or shyness limit your abilities as a person, so don't let it- even if it means wrestling with it every day for the rest of your life.

9. They try new things, even if it means taking themselves away from their comfort zone

At Lifehack Lane, we're often telling our readers that the comfort zone is a danger zone. It's a blanket that protects you from what you think are scary possibilities and happenings when in reality, there's a whole world of happenings out there that you're missing out on.

Those of a more worldly disposition have likely climbed mountains, trekked through rainforests and could have even eaten rats or toads when camping in the middle of nowhere. It may sound mad, but you'd probably be intrigued by said stories as opposed to someone who only watches The Ellen Show.

10. Most of all, they are always approachable

While you want to make an impression on others, having a personality that exudes confidence and ease will, in turn, attract others without you even having to try, whether they be business acquaintances or members of the opposite sex.

So open yourself up to yourself, as well as others, and you'll soon find people coming to you instead of the other way around. 


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