10 Things Creative People Do On A Regular Basis

Lifestyle April 26, 2017 By Hugo

Creativity is one of the most important attributes one can have because it can free us from life's everyday problems and make us see the world in a different light. And whether that be through the medium of the written word, a paint brush, a musical instrument or whatever else, chances are you'll feel pretty good for creating something original that can perhaps even be enjoyed by others too. 

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Yes, creatives are an impressive bunch, so we thought we'd list 10 common traits synonymous with them. And who knows? You might read the list without any prior art to your name and be inspired to create something yourself.

Here are 10 things creative people do differently to the rest.


1. They aren't ashamed to daydream 

We are taught in school that daydreaming is bad because it distracts us from the task at hand and that ultimately, we are merely wasting precious moments that could be better spent doing something productive.

However, creatives know that the power of the imagination is paramount to seeing any artistic visions come to light and if you have a penchant for wondering what a better life looks like or even how morbidly cute it would be to write a novel about killer puppies, chances are it will be beneficial to the artist in the long run.


2. They're easily bored and prone to restlessness 

One of the most important ingredients of a good artist is always to try new things and put yourself in new and exciting situations so you can build up life experiences which will hopefully inspire future projects, so sitting in front of the TV for hours on end doesn't exactly excite most artists.

What's more, many artists- contrary to popular belief- thrive off a routine and if they find themselves with nothing to do, they will often make sure they find ways to be productive. 


3. They risk it all

Everyone who has come from nothing to succeed has taken a risk at some point in their life and artists are no exception. In fact, while the artists you see on TV are the finished article, viewers haven't seen their countless rejections and hardships which would lead most to give up.

The risks don't necessarily have to be extraordinary ones, but forgoing a regular career in pursuit of a career in the arts is a risk in itself, and even those who create art as a hobby still risk criticism and judgment the moment they present their work to others.


4. They follow their heart instead of their brain

Following on from the last point, an artist, without putting them all into one bracket, will often tell you that the importance of the heart must never be ignored because passion and reason don't always go hand-in-hand.

However, if you want to make a great art and get noticed, that often means going against everyone's expectations and recommendations you get a steady job instead.


5. They have bouts of inspiration at the most unlikely of times

While someone with less artistic flair might think of a cool idea for a book or song, they will probably disregard the thought moments later; but an artist will do all they can to write down the idea in the hopes it could lead somewhere future down the line.

In the words of the great British author Will Self, "Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever."


6. They always see the bigger picture and remain optimistic

If you set out to be an artist and want to make a living out of it, you've almost got little choice but to see the bigger picture and keep going because if you don't, you'll quickly get bogged down by all the rejections and difficulties.

Non-artists regularly make a fun of artists for being out there and aloof, but you almost need to adopt a slightly spiritual approach to life if you are to successfully deal with the various obstacles that come from wanting your art to have an audience. 


7. They don't like being told what to do 

If you recently watched the new Netflix series Girlboss, you'll realise that most artists, particularly young ones, don't like being told what they can and can't do and not committing to a steady career  is another example of artists forgoing a normal life because, in the words of the main character, who is based on Sophia Amoroso, a self-made millionaire fashion designer, "adulthood is where dreams go to die." 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with committing to a 9-5 career, but for artists, working for another person's vision isn't as appealing as it is for others and as time is of the essence, artists are aware that such a lifestyle usually leads people further away from achieving their goals.


8. They do it all over again, despite the rejection

What often separates artists from a non-artists is their consistent ability to keep going in the face of countless rejection and criticism when those around them have more stable incomes.

Despite this, they keep forging ahead with new ideas and inspirations, even if it means going it alone and having to forgo food and sleep for days on end. 


9. They're probably working while you're sleeping and sleeping when you're working

Artists have a reputation for being lazy, but that's simply not the case. Sure, they may struggle to get out of bed before 1 PM, but when they're up, they are usually thinking about how best they can utilize their creativity and sometimes won't go to sleep until the early morning hours when everyone else is asleep.

Many artists have such patterns, both professional and aspiring ones. For instance, the author Paulo Cohelo who penned The Alchemist, a novella on the importance on following your dreams, doesn't generally rise till 12 PM, and will typically fall asleep around 5 am. 


10. They're doers

Like the great visionaries in Silicon Valley and the genius minds manning the laboratories of many research centers, artists are part of a select group of people who follow through with their vision and make sure it comes to light.

Whether the art is any good or not is up to interpretation, but what matters most is that artists don't let their ideas and dreams stay in their head. They bring them to life through the power of creativity, and it is that passion and gutsy determination that sets artists apart from people in so many other walks of life.


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