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These Stunning Photos Were Captured at the Perfect Moment

Entertainment May 24, 2016 By Hugo

Sometimes a photographer can marvel in their luck and count good fortune as their friend if these spectacular photographs are any evidence. Each was taken without any awareness of what would happen next and are captured in places with predominantly gorgeous landscapes. Here are 50 great examples. 

1. It's not every day you see a beautiful seal roaming the ocean's surface, so imagine the luck this photographer felt knowing he had captured the full wrath of a shark's mouth before it ate its prey.

2. Praying Mantis' ride bikes too...


3. The hanging moon

4. Imitating greatness

5. Where do you think you're going?

6. The floating board

7. When one life dies, another blooms

8. Uninvolved

9. Stealing Paris

10. A beautiful swarm

11.  The sixth ring 

12.  The flicking Buddha 

13.  The rising sun

14. The statue of lightning

15. The look of love

16.  One small step for man, one giant leap for snowboarders

17. "Be safe my dearest."

18. The eye of the moon

19. "Gotcha!"

20. Reach for the moon


 - i think i'll stay here for tonight

21. Bullseye! 


22. Before the end 

23. Making a splash

24.  Survival of the fittest 

25. A wet wedding

26. The surfing duck

27. Their words, not ours....

28. The destructive angel 

29. Gliding away

30.  Running away

31. Table for two?

32. The beauty who walked on water

33. Smothering your child in.... a bubble

34. Swan Lake

35. Eye on the prize

36.  A close call 

37.  "Room for one more, guys?"

38. It's never too late to spread your wings

39. All bubbles burst

40. Death is always lurking around the corner

41. The crash of a wave is perhaps the most beautiful of all 

42. Lightning strikes more than twice

43. Ouch! 

44. The floating rocket

45. A water droplet reflects the image of the adjacent map

46. A lucid explosion

47. Leaving a trail

48.  A plane passes a rectangular apartment block 

49. Two swords meet simultaneously

50. A lucky escape

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