The Most Common Thoughts Men Have On A First Date

Lifestyle September 7, 2017 By Hugo

Dating isn't for the fainthearted, and no matter how easy it is to arrange one, finding someone who ticks all the boxes can seem like an impossible task which is why we often have the same thoughts in the initial stages of the meetup. 


Yes, dating creates many worries and thoughts, but in this article, and with the interests of helping the female race, we list the thoughts most men have on a first date and explain why they have them.

Here are 15 of them.

1. Will She Look Like Her Photos?

It may sound incredibly vain, but physical attraction is significant, and if a guy is willing to meet up with a stranger he met on a dating app, it's likely he found her attractive.

After all, the last thing men want is to be fooled by one's appearance, and if the woman has used various filters to alter her appearance, the guy isn't going to be pleased. 

2. How Much Will It Cost? 

While your hot date may appear chivalrous and generous, what he's thinking as you tell him about your two-week adventure helping children in Borneo is how much your caesar salad will cost. 

Of course, if he likes you, and the date is going well, then he'll be happy to pay, but that still won't stop him keeping an eye on the menu's prices. On the other hand, he may be a real meanie and tell you to go Dutch, in which case he couldn't care less about seeing you again or hasn't yet mastered the social conventions of a first date. Either way, men will always be thinking about the bill.

3. How Often Is She Talking? 

Men will yawn if a woman doesn't let us get a word in edgeway, and if she continues to obsess over her new-born niece or the time her friends gatecrashed James Franco's house party, most will find a swift way to end the date. Or, if they're attracted to you and had a bit to drink, they'll pretend to listen in the hope of getting lucky.

Yes, men make their decisions pretty quickly, and even shy and quiet types aren't going to be best impressed if they aren't being allowed to get across their personality. 

4. What Rules Does She Have On A First Date?  

Even if it's just a kiss, men, if the date goes well, want to take something away from the night and have the thought ringing around their minds for days to come.

So if you want an icebreaker, it might be worth asking him what rules he has too. No doubt this will lead to some funny first date stories and give you a better idea of who they are. Just don't delve into past sexual experiences because 1) He'll want to have sex with you and 2) He won't be able to focus on anything else.

5. She's Incredible! When Should I Kiss Her?

If your esoteric debates on quantum physics aren't dull and the laughs and banter are in full flow, then you can bet your house that the guy will be thinking how best he can kiss you.

If he starts touching your hand when you make a joke, for instance, you'll know he's getting closer, and it will only be a matter of time before the male ego kicks in. If they don't kiss you, then it's safe to presume their quite shy which brings us on to our next point.

6. I Don't Know How To Show Affection

Contrary to popular belief, not all men are assuming and dominant, and while many can hold down a conversation and even charm the pants off their date, many shy away from physical attraction.

The reasons are plentiful but stem primarily from an innate fear of rejection, even if they know there's a high possibility the feelings are mutual.

7. How Will She Treat The Waitress?

No matter how pretty a guy's date is, everything goes out the window (unless he's a douchebag) if she treats the waiter with contempt. Guys notice these things, especially if they're keen on serious dating. And if she's whistling or clicking her fingers to get the waiter's attention then that's a massive turn off. 

But it's not only waiters. How they treat anyone on a night out will be noticed, from taxi drivers to homeless people.

8. Am I Good Looking Enough? 

Men are just as insecure as women, and if we're on a date with someone we find attractive, you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be looking at ourselves and questioning whether our looks are on par with theirs

Why? Because men are equally as vain as every festival hairband-filter loving female and even though we may appear not to care, we do. A lot. 

9. How Much Have I Learned From Facebook Stalking Her? 

Yea, yeah, we know.... Guys are guilty of this too. But it's so easy. All you need is a name and a search box, and you can discover their whole life story, even if it makes you feel like a certified stalker. 

But we'll never tell you that. What we will do is pretend to be surprised when you recount the time you cleaned up Justin Bieber's puke even though we saw the 3-year-old photo and the accompanying caption you posted on Instagram. Social media is a funny old beast.

10. Is She Broody? 

Most men are terrified of commitment until they meet the girl of their dreams which is why many run miles the moment  'kids' are mentioned on a first date.

Of course, it could be the opposite, and the women might be less inclined to want kids than the guy, but in most cases, men won't feel comfortable if they know their date is inclined to settle down and start a family when they're not.

11. I Could Marry You

Guys also turn into giddy teenagers when they meet someone wonderful and if that's the case, many will no doubt think, 'I could marry you.'

Indeed, if a guy knows he has the attention of someone, even the coolest of studs would be hard-pressed not to turn into lovestruck puppies.

12. Do I Have Anything In Common With Her?

Chemistry is critical if you're looking for something long-term. And to an extent, common interests are too.

So if you say something along the lines of, "Game of Thrones is the most overrated TV show" and he replies with an emphatic nod before ranting about the absurdity of the fantasy genre itself, you'll know it's going well. But that's not to say having less in common is a bad thing. Opposites attract, after all!

13. How Do I End This Date Without Looking Rude? 

We've all been there. Admittedly some have more than others, which is what makes dating such a scary proposition in the first place.

But for men on a date with someone they don't like, this can pose a problem. For girls, it's just as hard, but there's something about cutting short a date when you're a guy that makes you look like a jerk. So what do will we normally do? Deliberately let the conversation go quiet until the woman says, 'I'm really tired, I think I'm going to go home." That's what. 

14. Am I Drinking Too Much?

This could go two ways: 1) The date is amazing, and your stupor has been formed in the knowledge you have the girl of your dreams opposite you or 2) The date is awful, but at least you can get drunk. Whatever one it is, every guy, if alcohol is involved, will begin to question how drunk they are.
After all, every person drinks to lower their inhibitions but retaining an air of mystery and self-control is important too. Yes, guys overthink just much as girls. Maybe even more...

15. Will I Get Lucky?

In the modern-day age of dating, the stigma of sleeping together on a first date has thankfully lessened, and only last week, Ryan Reynolds confessed that he slept with his wife, the actress Blake Lively on their first date. Yes, sex on the first date is never out of the question, yet guys are more likely to entertain the idea.

Admittedly, men with a penchant for wooing the opposite sex will typically have more luck, but even those who aren't as confident will have the possibility of sex etched into the back of their minds. A date is a marked contrast to meeting a girl in a club, however, so while we entertain the question, most know it is unlikely.


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