The 10 Best Places To Buy Coffee Beans In The World

Lifestyle March 23, 2017 By Vincent

We've written a lot about coffee on this website from amazing shops around the world, to where to travel to if you're a coffee fanatic and even about some types of coffee drinks you may never have heard of, but now we're taking a look at where you can get the best beans.

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That's right, if you prefer to make your coffee at home but still want the best of premium beans, we know a few spots on the globe where you can pick up the best of the best and here they are.


1. Algerian Coffee Stores - London, UK

Opening way back in 1887 and bringing in coffee blends from all around the world, the wooden display case and counter haven’t changed in 128 years, and the staff remain as warm and knowledgeable as ever.

With blends unique to the store since its inception, there are some in there that simply aren't available anywhere else in the world as they are the only people who know what they are composites of. So many excellent options all in jars and weighed and measured out for each order, it is a coffee lover's mecca. What's more is that they try to resist market forces and not let the coffee they sell be affected by inflation, as such you can buy a hot latte from them for just £1! ($1.25)


2. Reykjavik Roasters - Reykjavik, Iceland

Strangely enough, Iceland has an extremely strong coffee culture which partly comes from their close ties to Canada but the Icelandics are known to drink strong, dark, bitter coffee, and they love the stuff. In the capital of Reykjavik, they have their own roastery where they roast and grind the imported beans to perfection, and you can grab an immaculate cup of coffee.

An independent roastery itself, you can see the machinery on display and buy the beans that have been roasted there, on their own or in gift sets filled with the local chocolate brand as well.


2. Cafe Verlet - Paris, France

Roasting coffee beans since 1880, this unaffected shop conforms to neither trends nor overt formalities found in other brasseries across the city. Large sacks of the beans are placed at the entrance and staff are only happy to talk you through the extensive menu and offer suggestions.

The array and the aroma are both impressive and intense, and you will find it impossible to leave empty handed.


4. Nozy Coffee - Tokyo, Japan

With a bar in the basement and roastery next door, this coffee shop is just a block away from Setagaya Park. The espresso drinks made on the premise come from the beans they've roasted themselves and the variety of blends come from all the noted coffee growing regions.

If you feel like drinking in as well, there's a ¥250 discount if you buy some of Nozy's beans along with your drink.


5. Red Rabbit - Wellington, New Zealand

Compared to pretty much anywhere else in the world, the Kiwi coffee scene is simply amazing and almost anywhere you can buy beans will be worth your while. In a small space next door to the Wellington Chocolate Factory, Red Rabbit roast in the back of their shop, serving up fresh, expertly pulled espressos and aero press-filtered coffee.

Sometimes, if you're friendly enough, they'll even show you how to do it yourself, so when you do take your beans home, you know exactly how to get the most out of them.


6. Grand Central Station - NYC, New York, USA

The concept of picking up your coffee from a train station may sound odd but with local roasters Joe, Oren's Daily Roast and Irving Farm selling beans at their locations in the Greybar Passage, Grand Central Market, and concourse respectively, this is the perfect place to pick up a variety of top quality beans from a great range.

What's more, because it's a transport hub, it's great to swing by there if you're on the go and you always know you can get a decent coffee there if you're waiting for a train.


7. Bonanza Coffee Heroes - Berlin

The roasting process of Bonanza Coffee Heroes goes against typical roasting custom and sees them roast it as little as possible, enough to fully develop all flavors, with the aim to highlight what makes a coffee distinct. That way, all of the taste comes from the bean and not from the roast itself.

As such Bonanza have become the self-proclaimed King of the roasting scene in Berlin and you can taste the quality in every cup.


8. Johan & Nystrom - Stockholm

Stockholm is a city that has s many great independent coffee stores that it is so very hard to choose between them, but many of these places will stock the Johan & Nystrom Brand.

If you head to their flagship store, the whole ethos is trying to encourage people to drink better coffee and recognize that they are doing so. As such, their beans are the very best and they also regularly run on-site courses and training.


9. Single Origin Roasters - Sydney, Australia

From cold-brew to Aeropress, there's a whole range of coffees to try at this popular spot in Sydney that stands out in one of the best coffee scenes in the world.

The bags of beans you can take away are all spectacular, and staff are happy to talk through your purchase options and what's best to suit your brewing preferences.


10. Kronotrop - Istanbul, Turkey

Kronotrop offers up the ultimate coffee experience tailored to the individual as they provide almost every brewing method known to humanity.

They also as allow you to choose your selected beans right from the jar with selections from across the globe.


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