The 10 Best Jobs If You Want To Travel The World

Lifestyle July 3, 2017 By Vincent

Many dream of a lifestyle where they can endlessly travel and be able to see the world all whilst earning enough to keep them going and provide them with the mod-cons that modern life would seemingly demand but whilst most of us will never achieve the multi-millionaire lifestyle of being able to jet off wherever we may fancy at a moment's notice, there are some career options to consider for those bitten by the travel bug.

Here we take a look at a few of them and how they can help you see more of the planet.

1. Airline Cabin Crew

It's a simple one really if you want to travel then why not work on a plane? Your very job is to make sure others have everything they need on their journey across the skies and you'll be there with them. Short haul flight attendants rarely leave the airport but if you are working long haul you quite often get a few days off at your destination.

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You'll need to be good with customer service and ideally fluent in more than one language but that depends on who you are working for and where you are flying. You'll also need to be able to swim 25m.

2. Tour Guide

It may not make your fortune but leading coach tours and  other sort of tours mean you can get in a lot of overland sightseeing and get to talk about your favorite places over and over again/ You'll need a lot of enthusiasm and a bit of basic knowledge of more than one language but if you've got the patience for it, this could be for you.

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Sometimes, you may be the one who has to drive the vehicle so a driving license might aid you in your search too.

3. Language Tutor

Teaching English as a foreign language is a popular way to travel and offers you a wide variety of places to go and work with contracts often lasting between a few months and a year. TEFL and CELTA courses are widely used and the most recognized qualifications and typically take around four weeks to complete.

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Many with degrees are favored for these sort of positions and you will need to learn more about the technicalities of your own language then you'd ever thought you would need.

4. Interpreter

A fluency in at least two languages can open up many places across the world to you as you can interpret or translate one from the other using all the correct conjunctives, subjunctives and other technical parts of each language.

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It's more than just knowing how to speak the languages but how to write them and the rules of each individual one. It's hard work but very rewarding if you're able to do it. If you have specialist knowledge such as Science or Law this can propel you even further.

5. Cruise Ship Crew

Like airlines, cruise ships also need people to staff the journeys but they have a wider array of people they need so a variety of qualifications can land you a role on one of these luxurious boats. Catering professionals, nurses, musicians and all other sorts of crew members are needed and you don't necessarily need another language to your bow either.

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Hospitality is probably the best place to start but it is well worth looking into what is needed to staff a whole ship.

6. Road or Sound Technician

Being a roadie is not all screaming fans and groupies, it can be hard laborious work done to a tight schedule and filled with stress but if you can deal with that, you may well get to travel the world with a top name band every night and see the performance.

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You need a bit of luck or good connections to get into it though but if you're a sound or lighting engineer or stage manager, you never know where it might take you.

7. Au Pair

This is a well-known way of traveling and getting to experience a new culture. You don't make a lot of money but you get free accomodation, food and a decent amount of free time to immerse yourself into your new surroundings.

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Childcare experience is useful and a good personality match with your host family is the best way forward so enthusiastic, energetic and upbeat are all vital personality traits to landing such a role.

8. Humanitarian Work

When a developing nation or disaster hit country needs help, charities and aid agencies are often trying to get higher qualified individuals to orchestrate aid and for boots on the ground to help administer vital supplies and care.

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Logicians, nutritionists, pharmacists, biomedical scientists, financial controllers and HR professionals are all needed but be warned, conditions are rarely ideal, for obvious reasons.

9. Virtual Assitant

Virtual assistants are freelance workers who do admin work for companies around the world but, providing you have a solid internet connection, you can do this work from almost anywhere in the world. 

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If you have five years experience working in a senior administration role you have a good shot of doing well here but you'll need to thoroughly research the markets you are planning on working in.

10. Coffee Makers & Cocktail Mixers

It may sound easy working behind a bar or in a coffee shop but if you work in specialist coffee as a barista and know your perfect extraction times, and your arabica from robusta, there are places all over the world you can go with your expertise.

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The same goes for cocktail mixers who know a darn site more than your average pint pullers and can get work at both your average pub and high-end hotel.


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