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The 10 Most Amazing Coffee Shops in the World

Lifestyle March 8, 2016 By Lifehacklane

We all like to start our morning with a daily dose of caffeine, but some places are just that little bit more spectacular to drink your coffee than the average chain store on the corner of the street. Here are 10 of some of the more stunning places around the globe to enjoy your cup of Joe.

1. Dreamy Camera Cafe - Yangpyeong, South Korea


Shaped like an iconically cool, retro box camera, this cafe sits in the middle of the picturesque countryside of South Korea, where you can take in the sights of the verdant, rolling hills whilst lapping up a latte or scoffing down a cake slice


2. Wild & Wood Coffee - London, UK



Small yet full of character, this coffee shop owes a lot of its charm to the wood panelling and 50s music that plays in the background as you comfortably sit and watch the hustle and bustle of Britain's busiest city pass by. Take a seat on one of the reclaimed church pews but don't be too surprised if you're expected to make new friends as their table sharing policy lends to the cosy atmosphere.

3. Coffee Supreme - Auckland, New Zealand



Smart and unassuming, this shop serves some of the best coffee in a country renowned for its outstanding coffee culture. What really makes it stand out though is the fact that (along with its sister stores in Wellington, Christchurch and Melbourne) it is the only place to get coffee flavoured soda syrup which you can either mix with fizzy water for a coffee soda or milk for a sugary sweet shake.

4. The Majestic - Porto, Portugal



Oozing with 1920s style and grace, the Art Nouveau design of this magnificent building really makes you feel like a socialite living the high life, with gilded mirrors covering every wall so that you can revel in the glory of a strong, black coffee from all angles. Alternatively, enjoy it al fresco and bask in the Portuguese sunshine on the black and white cobblestoned street outside.

5. Cafe New York - Budapest, Hungary



A former haunt of artists in the early part of the 20th century, this grandly gilded, cafe and restaurant has recently been renovated and has lost none of its former glories. Ornate lamps reflect off the mirrored tables, and paintings are mounted on every wall so that customers may enjoy their cappuccino surrounded by sheer decadence.

6. Kayaba Coffee - Tokyo, Japan



Inside a 100-year-old house sits one of the most elegant coffee shops in the world. Incorporating traditional Japanese design alongside more modern features, this coffee shop turns into a cocktail bar at night. Video art on the walls contrasts the present with the past in a perfectly blended mix.

7. D'espresso - New York, USA



For some strange reason, this espresso bar is designed to look like a library that has been flipped on its side. Whatever the logic behind it, it certainly is a cool effect making you feel as though you've just entered the world of the Inception film.  

8. Zmianatematu Lodz, Poland



"Lodz" literally translates as "boat" and this cafe has seized upon that idea and really run with it, with ribbed timber ridges covering the interior making it feel like a cross between a great ship's frame and an undulating cave with protruding stalagtites. Lights 'drip' down from the ceilings to give the effect of water whilst the wood finish to everything gives it a clean, fresh and far more homely feel than any caves it is trying to emulate.

9. Screaming Beans - Amsterdam, Holland


Mention coffee shops in Amsterdam and most people will be expecting a little more than a caffeine high, but this high-end coffee bar only has beverages on its mind. Located in the heart of the city, it sits off one of the many beautiful dijks that run through the city and every cup of coffee comes with a square of brownie (the regular kind only). 

10.The Coffee Academics - Hong Kong


Looking more like an upmarket chemistry lab than a coffee shop, there is a reason this place is called 'The Coffee Academics.' Taking the science of coffee brewing seriously, you can have customised blends to your palate with coffee dripped, siphoned or pressed any way you wish and served in a glass blown Chemex.

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