The 10 Best Soccer Jerseys You'll Be Seeing At The World Cup

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For the next month, an international soccer tournament called the FIFA World Cup will be broadcast to millions of homes around the world, and even in countries where soccer isn't that big a deal (America being a prime example), you can almost be guaranteed that the matches will still attract a significant audience. But if soccer really isn't your thing, then why not shift your attention to the jerseys instead? 

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From Nigeria's fresh and bright colors to the subtle navy of Japan, here are Lifehack Lane's top 10 World Cup jerseys. 

1. Nigeria

Over 3m pre-orders were made for this opalescent bemouth when Nike showcased it to the world, and it has fast become a go-to fashion statement for the young and urban.


A lucid appearance with a bohemian take on the country's bombastic culture, this shirt is already proving a runaway winner in the race for the best World Cup jersey.

2. France away

It seems only right a country with such esteemed fashion history replicates their success on the runway with a high-toned soccer kit, and they've managed to achieve this without going overboard.


While it helps that their national color is an easy-on-the-eye navy, their white away kit, with its colorful fading dots and black Nike swoosh, is actually a shirt you wouldn't mind forking $150 on. 

3. Germany away

If we were judging teams based strictly on their home kits, Germany's boring black and white jersey wouldn't even make our top 10. However, the turquoise second kit is a triumph in sporting apparel and dare we say a tad better than Nigeria's!


Okay, maybe not better, but compared to all other Addidas jerseys, this is certainly the German manufacturer's best.

4. Croatia away

While the home shirt may resemble a red gingham tablecloth, Croatia's away offering is much better. A mishmash of light blue and navy, the DRI-FIT shirt is one of Nike's best soccer jerseys.


Admittedly, the check design is unnecessary, but thanks to its dark and stormy colors, it still looks excellent. 

5. Japan

Japanese fashion has always pushed the boundaries, but their sartorial-like Addidas jersey remains a clean and refreshing blue. Designed with sashiko, a go-to form of Japanese folk embroidery, you can see why the shirt stands out from many others.


With white dots meshing nicely into the background, the contrast between white and blue tops off a soccer jersey that has consistently remained one of the best out there.

6. Columbia

Richly luminous and arresting, Columbia's home jersey is much like Nigeria's in that it is far from boring.


Of course, it takes a particular kind of person to pull this shirt off, but if you have beautiful tanned skin and a gregarious personality, then this could very well be the jersey for you. 

7. Uruguay 

Perhaps a surprise inclusion on our list, it is the shirt's light blue color we like most. Indeed, the Puma design is a lesson in what makes a nice soccer jersey.


Veering away from the more brazen designs sported by other South American teams, the aqua blue and black complement each other well enough to land at number 7 on our list.

8. Mexico

The Aztec designs on Mexico shirts have been tried and tested for years now, but we think their away shirt is their best one yet.


A delicate, crisp white, Mexico's signature red and green contrasts wonderfully in the form of a two-stripe pattern.

9. Brazil away

Brazil's trademark yellow jersey is in keeping with the febrile, festive nature of the country and its people, but yellow isn't a color that suits everyone, but that's where their away kit comes in handy.


Coming in a lovely navy shade, this kit is perfect for those with lighter skin tones that would otherwise be washed out by the bright colors of the home shirt. Plus, it looks much nicer.

10. Argentina 

Rounding off our list is Brazil's fierce rivals, Argentina. Never a team to disappoint in the jersey department, any team which has the honor of having Lionel Messi in their ranks should make sure their players look the part.


Charged with this task, Adidas's design sees the traditional blue and white stripes merge perfectly together in a subtly similar to that of the beautiful Japanese and German shirts.

 If Nigeria or Columbia's shirts are too garish for your liking, this is definitely the shirt for you.


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