Here's How You Can Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Lifestyle June 1, 2017 By Hugo

You've found someone you love. They're perfect. And your best friend. You're in a good place. You want to remain there. And that's why saying goodbye will be so tough.

Maybe you met weeks before they/you happened to be leaving the country. You might have only met this person last night and realized you've never met anyone like them. Whatever it is, you should be assured that if the commitment to the relationship is mutual, the relationship can still work.

To help, here are some simple things you can do to make sure distance doesn't break your special bond.

View it as a test of your relationship

Wherever it is you or your partner is going, it will likely be far enough to present both of you with an acute feeling of malaise, and as such you're both going to be feeling anxious and depressed about what the future holds. These are natural feelings, and in time they might grow into frustration and anger, but that won't happen if you take a more pragmatic approach and see the distance for what it really is: A test. 

Sure, you may think of it a curse rather than a pompous test, but if you can get through the period of separation, whether it be three months or even three years, you can get through anything, and your bond will strengthen once you finally figure things out. 

Don't communicate all the time 

It goes without saying that you should keep in contact with your loved one because if you didn't feel the need to you obviously wouldn't love them as much as you think. However, while you might want to check your phone every hour to see how their day went, there's no point in maintaining that kind of constant communication because it will distract you from pressing tasks and only make the relationship harder.

Less is more, and if you can keep your contact to a message or two a day, or maybe even just a Skype call every other day (different time zones and working hours won't always allow you to talk all the time) then you'll still feel like you're in regular contact without having your day dictated by separation anxiety.

Have an end goal

It's important you have an end goal when you're in the midst of a long-distance relationship otherwise there wouldn't be much point being in one, would there? Sure, couples don't necessarily know when they will be reunited- if ever- but the aim should always be to get back together sooner rather than later.

But if you can't envisage a logical solution or neither is prepared to make sacrifices, it might be worth calling things off. Put bluntly: If you want to stay together, you have to be in it for the long haul and cement an end goal that you can work towards.

Regularly plan trips 

Just because of the miles apart, it doesn't mean you shouldn't still see each other. Make regular trips. Even if it requires a lengthy plane journey, it's not impossible, and with airfares cheaper than ever, a few sacrifices here and there shouldn't make it difficult.

Of course, depending on where you or your partner have re-located, the travel costs will significantly vary, but unless they are halfway across the world, there should be no excuse to see them at least once a month. It really is that simple, and so long as you keep yourself busy, time will fly by, and you'll have something great to look forward to at the end of your working week.

Remind yourself that you are in love

Most importantly of all, it's important to remind yourself how in love you are with each other. People go years without ever finding that feeling we all crave deep inside, so to have it all- even if it isn't in ideal circumstances- is nothing to be sniffed at, and you can go to bed at night knowing someone out there has a burning passion for you.

It's a beautiful feeling and one that will remain intact if your love is strong enough. So smile when you see their messages. Laugh when they send you a funny joke. Feel happy when they've had a good day, even if you're not there with them. Most of all, tell yourself that you are in love and that no feeling will ever come close to the one you have right now.


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