10 Simple Tinder Hacks That Will Get You More Responses

Top Tips August 11, 2017 By Hugo

Whatever you think of Tinder there's no doubting its addictiveness, and because of its easy-to-use features and millions of users, meeting a potential partner has never been easier. But catching that future partner's attention is a whole other matter, and with the many other matches competing for their attention, conversing and swiping on Tinder can often feel pointless.

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But it needn't be. In fact, most people's Tinder profiles are terrible and need a significant upgrade if they are to compete with the app's heavyweights so with that in mind, we've listed 10 Tinder hacks that we believe are essential if you want to match with someone and grab their attention. 

1. A Strong Bio Is Everything

How many times have you been intrigued and even enamoured by a user's bio? Probably a lot. Why? Because even snippets of information can give you an insight into their character.

Tinder expert Blake Jamieson, for instance, believes the strength of a bio is often the leading factor in determining whether someone swipes right or not, and is adamant every user should have one with lines such as “Sick of swiping left?” given as an example. Or in Taylor's case, you can be rather humorous. 

2. If You're A Guy- Message First

A women's experience on Tinder is considerably different than a male's and because of this women are often on the receiving end of thousands of new match notifications each day. However, while men are known for swiping right on nearly every profile most rarely initiate the conversation according to the dating consultant CamMi Pham, who once got 2,015 matches in 17 hours, with only 25-30% of those guys messaging her.

So if you're a man who's a bit intimidated by the competition then don't be. Take control and message them. As for those guys playing it cool? There's no point. Even if you're the world's hottest male model, most girls still won't message first. Some will, but the majority, even in this day and age, don't want to appear desperate. 

3. Make Sure You Like A Lot Of Pages On Facebook

As Tinder automatically shows the pages you've liked on Facebook to anyone with a mutual like for them, it's a good idea to like as many as possible. Not only is it a good way of identifying profiles with common interests, but it also takes the pressure off your bio.

So if you're worried that your bio won't be good, or you can't think of anything of note to write, then compile a list of your favourite films, shows and foods and anything else that floats your boat and start liking their pages on Facebook. 

4. Choose The Right Photos

You don't have to look like a model to come across as an attractive, charismatic and desirable person. Granted, a face that appears chiselled from the God's can certainly help, but most people get many matches by choosing photos that manage to achieve the correct blend of beauty, laughter, and kindness. 

How one goes about this is, of course, the million dollar question but we'll give you the answer for free by telling you to ditch the bathroom selfie photo. Once you've done that, choose pictures with animals and ones depicting your passions. If you like tennis, get your friend to take a picture of you serving. Even a silly face can come across as someone funny and who doesn't take themselves seriously. Pouting, on the other hand..... 

5. It's Always A Good Idea To Have Your Friends Choose Your Photos

Just like you would with a college assignment, getting feedback on your pictures can make a heap of difference. More often than not we choose photos which we think show us in a good light when what we need is a more subjective opinion from those we can trust. 

Once you've received the feedback, choose the photos carefully, with each one as strong as the last.

If you're really brave, you can get feedback on websites like HotOrNot or PhotoFeeler.com

6. Talk About A Topic That Interests Both Of You

Talking about last night's football match just because he/she happens to support the same team as you doesn't mean they'll want to talk about it for the next 20 minutes. Be quick to judge the mood of the conversation. If you're only getting short replies, ask them more about themselves- that way they'll have more of a chance to elaborate. 

Most importantly, be concise with your messages. A chunky paragraph can come across as eager and even desperate, especially in the earlier stages of the conversation. Both sexes sense that- regardless of whether it's true or not.

7. Don't Waste Time Asking Them Out

In most cases, a guy will make the first move, but that doesn't always have to be the case. If you're a woman and want to ask the guy out, then by all means do. But whatever sex you are, it's important to ask sooner rather than later. 

Remember, apps like Tinder were designed to make it easier for people to meet in the real world, yet many spend weeks and sometimes months on end talking about everything under the sun before they even agree to meet which is plain silly.

To avoid this, ask them out a couple of days after sending/ receiving the first message. Coffee or drinks are usually the best first date options. They're easy, stress-free and in most cases relatively cheap.

8. Always Swipe Right

Yes, we're talking to you, ladies! Guys have no qualms with doing this, and yet they get a lot of stick from their female friends for doing so. But why? It might seem sleazy to some girls, but in reality, male users are only spreading their bets. They know they won't match with every girl they find attractive and the same mindset should be adopted by girls.

Not only does it save you loads of time, it also gives others a chance to impress you in ways their photos didn't. Looks aren't everything, remember! 

9. Make Sure You Get Their Number Early On 

Tinder is a jungle- laden in potential partners and hookups who all have the same intentions as you. Thus, if you want to stand out from the crowd and get their attention, it's always wise to ask for their number. That way your means of contact is more personal compared to messaging on an app with thousands of other people.

However, asking for someone's number when you've never met them can be quite direct so it's sometimes worth asking for their surname so you can add them on Facebook instead. Better yet, give them your phone number and ask them to add you on WhatsApp. In some cases, you can even be witty and 'dare' them to give you their digits.

10. Play It Cool

It's easy to get caught up in the ecstasy that a seemingly perfect match brings, and you could be tempted to message them more than once. But DON'T. You've never met them before. Patience is a virtue, and no matter how you view such conventions, coming across as needy or overzealous can be intense and even scary.

And yet we've all been there. If we like someone, our sense of rationale goes out of the window and before we know it we're compelled to tell them how different they are from the rest and that their face is like something out of a Nicholas Sparks movie and blahblahblah. 

But it rarely works. You could be the most attractive person in the world, but if you send novel-length responses to questions and message her five times before she's even responded to the original message then you need help! 

Forget about them. Infatuation can easily be sedated by a good Netflix binge. So keep cool, and remember that the key ingredient to a healthy Tinder game is quality over quantity. Send great messages without going off on a tangent about how beautiful he or she is. You may just find your message-to-date conversion rates increasing. 


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