Simple Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Self-loathing

Top Tips June 28, 2017 By Hugo

In a perfect world, we would never have to worry about feeling sad, heartbroken or angry, but unfortunately, the world isn't a wish-granting factory, and from time to time, you can feel a bit depressed which is okay because while we're often told to look on the bright side, it can sometimes be better to do the opposite and revel in your misery.

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Yes, we really mean that, and despite Lifehack Lane regularly writing about ways you can boost your self-esteem and happiness, there are times in life when it's okay to let it all out and embrace the darkness as well as the light. 

So without further ado, here are some great ways to enhance your self-loathing.

Listen to your ex's favourite record

Melancholic nostalgia can cut through the most frozen of hearts, so you shouldn't have a problem crying your eyes out if you happen to play your ex's favourite record. 

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Listen to it for a good few times, and let it stir up a collection of memories that induce enough pathos to make you want to phone them up and tell them you still want them in your life. For added results, try performing this task when intoxicated.

Read anything by Nicholas Sparks

Nothing gets the watergates running quite like a Nicholas Sparks story, and whether it's via his very own words or by watching one of the many movie adaptations of his books, you're bound to compare yourself to the beautiful, white protagonists and wish you had a relationship like theirs.

Of course, someone generally dies in a Nicholas Sparks story, so you'll probably feel grateful you're alone as in Sparks's world being good-looking and in love often equates to catching cancer, but you'll still come out of the exercise feeling like your self-loathing has shifted gears.

Stalk your crush/ex-lover on social media

We all do it. Heck, someone's probably doing it to you right now. It's harmless, and a tad creepy, not to mention being unhealthy if you make it a regular habit, but if you're getting over a recent breakup or have intense feelings for someone you might never have the courage to ask on a date, then at least you can take solace in their online photos.


If you're single after years of love, you could look at the holiday photos that still haven't been deleted and remind yourself that life, at least for those few weeks, was perfect and that you probably won't experience anything like that for years to come. 

That realisation will certainly make you feel worse.

Look at rich people's Instagram accounts and remind yourself that you'll probably remain poor your whole life

Instagram, much like the rest of social media, is seemingly designed to make people feel inadequate to others which is why it's one of the most envy-inducing and apps in the world.


It's also pretty soul-destroying and perfect for feeling useless, especially when you see photos of 19-year-old vloggers buying mansions in the hills as you can barely scrape up enough money for a moderately priced tin of ramen. 

Remind yourself that you will soon be dead

There's a good chance you're aged somewhere between 18-40, and while that may not seem like an age where you are closing in on death, it goes without saying that life is precarious and fragile, and even if you get to old-age free from any illnesses, you are still likely to pop your clogs around 80 or 90. 

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So yea, without going all emo on you, life is pretty dark and limited, so enjoy it while you still can and all that jazz.

Watch videos of old people talking about the death of their life-long partners

It's soppy, sentimental, and will make you long for a partner that you can one day grow old with, but at the same time, you'll also feel pretty down in the dumps knowing that even the strongest and most enduring of loves eventually comes to an end. 

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Oh, and you'll also realise they fell in love before Tinder all but destroyed the idea of serious dating.

Look at attractive holiday destinations and remind yourself you can't afford them. Or if you can, tell yourself you have no one to go with because you're alone 

Is there anything worse than having nowhere to go in the summer because you're broke and can barely afford your rent? Or perhaps it's even worse. You may have the money, but simply have no one to go with, despite imagining how amazing it would be to kick it back with your partner in a sun-dappled wonderland. 


You might even be both broke and alone. If that's the case, you'll do well to perform this task without bawling your eyes out.

Go to a wedding and realise you're the only single one left in your friendship group

Weddings! They're perfect occasions to celebrate other people's happiness, and with all the free drinks on offer, you can drown your sorrows and envy your friend's happiness.

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Best of all, most guests will also be off their faces, so they won't feel awkward to comfort you when you finally admit that you've never felt so alone.

Watch an Adam Sandler movie and tell yourself that no matter how hard you try, you'll never be as rich and talentless as him 

Saving the best self-loathing exercise till last, if all else fails, put on an Adam Sandler movie (everyone has at least one) and remind yourself that in a world full of talented artists, Hollywood decided to make Adam Sandler a household name and give him a net worth of more than $340m.


Yes, no matter how hard you try, there will always be someone less talented and making heaps of money while you trundle on as an underpaid member of the 9-5 brigade. 


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