10 Simple Things Every Happy Person Will Tell You

Top Tips August 9, 2017 By Hugo

Being happy remains the ultimate goal in life yet many are failing miserably in our efforts despite modern-day life offering us products and services that older generations and people in poorer areas of the world could only dream of. 

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So how do you go about achieving a zen-like state of contentment and inner-happiness? Well, it's relatively straightforward. You simply remind yourself of the things you do have, rather than the things you don't, and to help you on your way we've listed 10 common things that are likely to come out of the mouths of those annoyingly happy people. 

1. "I'm grateful for everything I have" 

How many of us wake up in the morning and are actually grateful to be alive? To be able to wake up in a soft, warm mattress and know you're in good health and have the company of friends and family to keep you going? Not many. Instead, you probably curse your existence and wish you could be a millionaire on a private yacht with a super hot partner instead of slumming it on public transport just so you can have the privilege of working in an overcrowded office.

But even if that description of your morning bears little resemblance to yours, you're likely to be reading this in a warm, western home with amenities like a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom while others sleep on the streets. So look around your home and smile, and realize that you're pretty lucky just to have shelter.

2. "There are worse things in life than being alone"

Coming from the mouth of the late American writer, Charles Bukowski, the laureate of American low-life knew a thing or two about loneliness after living the majority of his adult life on the streets. Somehow, Bukowski still managed to write a prolific amount of prose, and if you read just one of his books, you'll realize that this man was wiser than most would have you believe.

But why was his quote on our list? Well, think about it: When you're lonely, it's usually spawned from a deep want for romantic love, right? Because even though you have a life of your own, and friends and family, you believe you won't be complete until you find that Special Someone. 

Well, life may be terrific when you're in love, but you shouldn't feel miserable just because you don't have that. There are worse things in life than being alone, just as Bukowski told us, and if you're asking me, I will take being free and independent over being trapped in an unhealthy, loveless marriage any day of the week.

3.  "Life is what you make it"

"How cliched!" you're probably thinking. For all I know, you might even be shaking your head at Lifehack Lane's preachy pomposity but in reality this saying has stood the test of the time for a reason.

You can sulk at not being famous. You can lust over those with money and good looks. You can even sulk all day and give up and decide to get through life by drinking away your sorrows. And that's fine because life is what you make it and it would be of your own doing. 

But if you want to achieve something more inside that heart of yours, then strive for a better sense of one's self and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results that come from asking yourself what you truly want from life rather than what you wish you had. 

4. "I accept that things won't always go my way"

I can't stress how important this is. Just take today. I was walking to work feeling refreshed and cozy in my new slim-fitted jeans and baggy jumper until I unzipped my bag, reached for my wallet and realized I'd left my train ticket at home. Not ideal, because not only did this require a 30-minute walk back home, but on my way, the weather suddenly turned and pelted me with rain.

Of course, I felt angry and resented my mistake, but worse things will happen than that in my life, and for now, I'm healthy and so are those around me. But yes, as I write this, my cold, damp jeans are sticking to my legs and my shoes are soaked right the way through...

5. "I am lucky that my life is easier than others"

We've kind of alluded to this before, but it's always worth being direct about it and telling yourself this because in most cases it's true. You have shelter, food, warm clothes, and hopefully a few loving friends and family. You might even be lucky enough to have a loving partner who cares for you the way you'd want to care for others.

In short, you may not have the latest designer watch, or be able to afford a week's stay in The Maldives like your favorite actor can as he boasts about his fabulous life on Instagram, but that doesn't mean your life is bad. If anything, by just living in a western country, your income and wealth will likely place you in the top 2% of earners worldwide.

6. "The richest still end up in graveyards"

There's no special prize for being the richest person in the graveyard. At best their stone might be shinier than others, which just goes to show that life isn't about how much money you accumulate.

What matters are the feelings and memories you have moments before your death. Even the most ardent of businessmen and women will tell you that it's the memories with friends and family that cloud any positive feelings you may have towards your wealth. So focus on the things that will matter when you're about to depart. You'll find yourself much richer that way than by seeking fulfillment from material possessions.

7. "Every day presents a new opportunity"

Had a bad day and wish it would just go away and never come back? Well, you're in luck, as each day presents a clean slate from which to improve, so no matter how hard you think life is, that moment you wake up is a chance for you to make sure you have to best day possible and you'll be surprised at how people go about achieving this.

They might smile at their barista serving them their morning coffee, and take in the beautiful trees that line the pavements outside the office. These are very simple things, but by incorporating them into your life you're giving your day a better chance at being fulfilling and worthwhile.

8. "Not everyone will like me"

Everyone is different, and not everyone is going to like you. Even popular people have their haters, so you shouldn't make it your goal in life to please everyone.

People are different, and no matter how gentle and humble you are, others may look at you in a different light. And that's okay. So long as you believe in yourself and are happy with who you are, then that should be enough.

9. "Life is too short to worry about the trivial things"

 We're caught up in a world dominated by Instagram likes, academic grades, and beauty that we forget that these things are ultimately meaningless in the grander scheme of things. As we said before, you won't be rejoicing about how much money you made on your deathbed- you'll be trying your hardest to remember the time spent with your loved ones.

So if you aren't happy with your weight or think you'd look perfect if only you were a couple of inches taller than that isn't the right way to go. You'll never be happy, and you'll likely think that you're far from perfect when in reality perfection is a word that teaches us that such a concept itself is impossible. So instead learn to love everything you think makes you unattractive or unappealing and you'll soon find yourself more self-assured and in the process; sexier than ever.

10. "The world is far prettier than any Instagram feed" 

There's a powerful image online which depicts a young man looking through a prison cell window with the aid of a Facebook-manufactured telescope and it's a pity we all saw a bit of ourselves in that image. After all, we live in a society more insular than Mother Nature intended as we let the sights and sounds of the real world pass us by as we watch another video of a cat playing the piano on YouTube.

We may sound preachy and old, but just like with wealth, it's unlikely you're going to be craving the latest iPhone on your deathbed so take some of these points on board and you'll find yourself happier.


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