5 Simple Steps Towards Making a Habit of Exercise

Lifestyle October 18, 2017 By Vincent

Exercise, we know it's good for us and most of us know we should do more but getting into that habit can be harder work than we often think. There are however a few ways to approach exercise so that the chances of being successful in our quest for fitness increase. There's no point in signing up to an expensive gym or workout sessions if you're not going to stick to it so here are a few tips on how to make it a habit over a hindrance.

1. Goals, Goals, Goals

Why do you want to be exercising in the first place? Is it to just be fitter in general or to lose weight. Perhaps you want to build muscle or are training for a marathon. Whatever it is, set yourself a long-term goal to work towards and keep that focus in mind. Now you know why you're doing this, break that overall goal down into smaller, more manageable targets such as jog for x minutes or x distance, or some such achievable little thing.

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By providing yourself with these tiny little motivations and then building towards something bigger, you are far more likely to achieve.

2. Do It Every Day

Aim to do exercise every day even if it is only for a small amount of time. This may sound like hard work but by committing to finding that time every day it means you aren't likely to be derailed by unexpected plans as you can slip in that 5/10 minutes fairly easily whereas doing it on fewer days can leave you more open to just dropping it this one time and then not replacing it in your routine later on so one time becomes two times then three and so on until you don't pick it up again.

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If you know you've got to do it every day, you will.

3. Incorporate

Whether you realize it or not, you have a routine in how you get up and prepare for the day to when you go for lunch and aim to get home.


The most successful exercisers manage to slip their exercise into this routine seamlessly. If you're waiting for a bath to run, why not do 10 minutes of yoga or sit-ups or whatever exercise is best for you. There's always time in the day if you're smart about it.


4. Trigger a Cue

A physical reminder or cue will often force your hand into exercising whether that be laying out your workout clothes the night before so you remember to get into them straight away and go or if you put your equiptment in a place where it has to be used before being out away, it creates these mental triggers that help you maintain focus.

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5. Reward Success

Celebrating those little achievements will make you feel good and form a positive connection to exercising so remember to reward yourself as long as it is not food or drink.


A simple thing is crossing off a calendar or listed items. It may sound silly but just the fact of seeing what you have to do disappear will make you feel like you have to keep going.



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