10 Signs Your Relationship Has Reached Its Peak Comfort Level

Lifestyle October 3, 2017 By Hugo

In the day-and-age of quick-fix dating, exclusive courtships are under threat. Such realities have even led the brazen rapper Kanye West to proclaim that 'love is cursed by monogamy.'

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While there's no doubting that West may be onto something, there are millions who can't imagine a life without their partners. Ask them about their relationship and they'll probably tell you they wouldn't change their partner for the world.

However, is too much comfort a bad thing? Does it lead to a lifestyle where romance and mystery evaporate faster than a Ben Affleck marriage? Here are ten signs that may suggest you and your partner have potentially gotten too comfortable around each other.

1. Bathroom time no longer becomes sacred time 

Pooping and even peeing are acts we all like to do in private. But shy bladders go out of the window once you've hit the comfort stage. Gone is the mystery and romance of the honeymoon stage.

No longer do you write impassioned love letters exclaiming one another's beauty. Nope, after a while, you'll most likely scream at them on the toilet for how lazy they've become.

2. You eat without any manners around each other

There's a high likelihood your first date took place at a restaurant dining table. And there's an even better chance that you were judging them on their manners.

Ah, the memories. The days where you wiped your face and ate with a knife and fork. 

3. You're nicer to your friends than your partner

If you're a girl who's invited her friends over, the chances are you're going to dress up. You can't break wind in front of them or cry over the state of the house. 

And for guys? Well, they'll probably be more complimentary towards their friend's new game console than they ever will towards their partner's expensive new haircut.

4. Breaking wind in front of them no longer feels embarrassing

Farting? It's almost a taboo in a relationship. An unspoken truth. We all do it, but no one will ever know. Well, unless that person means the world to you. It's a strange paradox of love and expression, right?

You'd think the more you fall in love, the more chivalrous and romantic you'd become. But no. In the real world, away from Nicholas Sparks' fictional good-looking white characters dying in a car crash, a smelly fart is sometimes the best indication of your love. Gross. But true.

5. Neither feels compelled to make an effort in the wardrobe department

Remember that time she wore that killer dress that turned heads the world over? Or the time he sported that slim-fit suit and looked like he could be Geroge Clooney's long lost love child?

Yeah, those were the days.....

6. You have no qualms in telling them their breath smells 

The truth hurts, and sometimes those in love have no inhibitions in hurting one another's feelings.

Then again, the truth can also smell.....

7. Nights out turn into Netflix marathons

Nights out become nothing more than distant reminders of a life once enjoyed with others. Memories to remind you that you were fun at one time.

Still, with Netflix and your partner in your life, you probably aren't that bothered about exiling yourself into a life of mundane monogamy. 

8. You shout at each other for no apparent reason

Like with siblings or parents, you get to a stage where that person knows you better than anyone.

Inevitably, arguments will follow, mainly because you have no issue with holding anything back. Sometimes, though, that isn't necessarily a good thing...

9. You pop each other's spots

Gross. Gross. Gross. But oh so necessary.... 

Unless you want to be that really spotty couple that everyone looks at. I mean, that could work too if you didn't care about society's unhealthy obsession with perfection.

10. Ultimately, you'd take hanging around with them over your closest friends any day of the week

We hate to admit it, but it's true. And while our siblings, parents and best friends will always remind us that they were there first, there's something incredibly compelling about intimate love that can't be replicated or surpassed in any other form. 

It may see you spending less time with friends who probably know a lot more about you and understand you better than any lover could. But hey, it's love. There's no point fighting it. 


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