10 Signs That Prove Your Life Needs a Makeover

Top Tips October 10, 2017 By Hugo

There are some people in life you probably look at and think: how do you do it? They seem to have it all figured out. A job they love. Cool passion projects on the side. A beautiful partner. 

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Such realities can be hard to take- especially when you know your life isn't half as thrilling as you think it could be. But before you spend another day self-loathing and lamenting your dull existence, ask yourself what it is that's missing? Do you want to achieve a childhood dream? Are you desperate to find the partner of your dreams? Or, like many, are you completely clueless as to what you want?

Well, fear not as we've come up with ten tell-tale signs your life is in need of a change and the solutions to get it back on track.

1. You live for the weekend

Living for the weekend is a dangerous way to live. Essentially you're placing a heavy emphasis on two days out of seven which isn't a good idea.

Instead, cram as much into the days after and before work. You could start by going to the gym in the morning and spend two or three evenings after work working on a passion project. It may sound daunting and tiresome at first, but in time you'll feel empowered and more in charge of your life.

2. You romanticise about the past

Reliving the past is no way to live your life, just look at  F. Scott Fitzgeralds famous fictional protagonist, Jay Gatsby.

He was fixated on his past life with Daisy, and couldn't accept that things would never be the same- no matter how hard he tried. So let go of what you once had. Memories will always remain, but the reality is gone. Make a better one. A reality which allows you always to be looking forward, not backwards.

3. You avoid any talk of the future 

When someone asks you about your plans, you'll probably feel worse than you already do. Or, if you do have an idea, you'll likely still shiver at the thought of making it a reality. But nothing is done without mental strength.

The mind is a powerful tool, and if infected with self-doubt, you'll never be able to go for your goals until you realise that a healthy and confident mind can lead you to anything. The most successful people may not have been the smartest, but one thing they all have in common is motivation. And lots of it. 

4. You feel trapped in a relationship

For many, relationships are the cornerstone of a healthy society. They provide comfort and fulfilment, and the best partners support you and your dreams. But if you no longer feel the way you once did, you're probably in need of a bit of 'You Time.' 

It is an experience that is ubiquitous in many in long-term relationships- particularly young peoples'. So don't waste another second of your life with the wrong person. Take some time apart, and see if your feelings change, then move on and follow your heart, not your fears.

5. You're scared of stepping outside your comfort zone

A comfort zone is a place no one should be content with. Sure, it's nice and 'comfy', but there's a reason people push themselves out of it: they want to succeed.

So take risks. Experiment. Do something creative, regardless of how likely it is to get rejected. 

6. You're envious of others

We are all susceptible to being green-eyed monsters. It's hard not to be at times, especially in an age of beautiful Instagram models and wealthy pop stars. The key to what you perceive to be a successful life, however, is one that won't be realized if you always wish for the lives of those you swoon over. 

Concentrate on yourself. Not others. It's okay to admire and respect others' achievements and using them as an inspiration is a great way to achieve your own goals. 

Just don't try and replicate their success. Create your own. 

7. You have low self-esteem

It's challenging to lead yourself on a new path when you have little confidence in doing anything; let alone drastically changing your life. If that's the case, then build your morale up slowly by aiming to complete small daily tasks.

Even getting into the habit of exercising for half an hour every other day can significantly build your confidence and allow you to become more adept at completing tasks that at one time seemed impossible to tackle. 

8. You live in a perpetual state of anxiety

For some, their nervous energy can be transferred into a flurry of productivity. Thus, it's important to remember that anxiety isn't a negative part of life. Even the most successful people in the world are prone to it.

So take it on board not as a bad thing, but merely an obstacle. But if you find it's hampering your work and energy, then seek help. You'll feel better knowing there is help on hand, even when things seem hopeless.

9. You always daydream of a better life 

Everyone daydreams now and then but if you find yourself doing it to escape your reality, then you should take your fantasies as a motivator, not an escape. 

We imagine wild things because we've seen others in enviable positions. But nothing is impossible. So act on your imagination and embrace your biggest dreams.

10. You can't stand the thought of your life remaining the same 

Most importantly, those who succeed in their chosen fields are those who couldn't face the prospect of living the way they were. J.K. Rowling was a single mother living on state handouts when she wrote the first Harry Potter book. Oprah Winfrey spent her whole childhood in severe poverty.

These two turned their life around without anything other than a want and desire to be the best they could be.

You can, too. We all can. 


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