8 Signs That May Suggest She's Into You

Lifestyle September 28, 2017 By Hugo

Dating isn't an easy field to navigate, especially for men and for that reality alone, many stay well clear. But for a lucky few, little work is needed. In fact, all that's required is a good sense of what they want.

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So if you like her, but aren't too sure if the feelings mutual, then read on as we go through eight signs which could suggest it may be worth risking it all.

1. She isn't afraid to use physical contact

If you've been hanging around her for a few weeks or even just an hour, a woman's want and lust can be analysed by how willing they are to make physical contact.

It could even be a  fascination with your hands, or a want to lean on your shoulder when tired. It's very rare a female would do that around a guy if she wasn't interested.

2. She texts back without fail and often writes messages exceeding two or three sentences

It may be 10 minutes. It may even be an hour. What's important is the consistency. Like with guys, many girls lose interest pretty quickly in a world of quick-fix dating, so it's a major coup on your part if you still have their attention.

Of course, it varies, and while girls play it cool, those that develop a crush aren't afraid to be more forward with their messages and write more than just one or two sentence responses.

3. Her friends giggle whenever you're nearby

An excellent source of information about your crush can come from her closest friends. Of course, going up to them (unless you know them) and asking for any information is never a good idea, but you can often tell by their reactions whenever you're around if you're an attractive choice of partner.

Looking down and smiling, or whispering into each other's ears or teasing their friend is always a good sign. 

4. Her body language

Does she fiddle with her hair? Does her torso stretch outwards whenever you're sitting together? Does she crack a smile and look down, or suffer hot flushes whenever you say something nice?

If so, you might be sharing your time with someone who feels the same way.

5. She looks at you wide-eyed

Eyes are commonly believed to be the gateway to the soul, and never is that more apparent than when around a lovestruck admirer.

They don't have to be in love, but if they keep their stare fixed on you, even after you say goodbye, then there's a high chance she doesn't want to lose sight in a hurry.

6. She seeks you out in a club whenever a guy is getting too close

The female race isn't short of admirers, and clubs are the perfect example of that. But if a girl has her eyes on someone, she's not going to be too keen hooking up with anyone- especially if you happen to be there too. So gauge her reactions.

If she keeps close for most of the night, and prodding your shoulder or guiding you to and from different rooms, you should take that as a sign she wants to be more than just friends.

7. She isn't afraid to compliment you 

While guys are expected to dish out the compliments, girls aren't prone to it either.

But it is more likely they will compliment you if they genuinely like you, and want to take their crush further. It could even be a simple observation of your new shirt.

8. Most importantly, she always seems to be around

Think about it. How often do you see her in class? Does she always have a seat reserved for you? Does she message you just to ask if you're out in town the night she's out with friends?

These are are little things, but can easily be turned into much more if you spot the right signs. So don't be afraid if you think you might be in with a chance. Ask her out!


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