10 Reasons Why You Should Never Drink Coca-Cola Again

Lifestyle September 6, 2017 By Hugo

Coca-Cola has been people's go-to drink for many years due to its sweet and bubbly taste which is probably why many people remain oblivious to the drink's adverse effects- despite repeated refrains from doctors that the drink is dangerous.


In fact, Coca-Cola has been proven to cause many health problems including dental erosion, weight gain and even chemical effects on the brain so to save you from an early grave, here are 10 reasons why you should never drink Coca-Cola again. 

1. One Can Is The Equivalent of 10 Sugar Cubes 

Informing you that Coca-Cola is rich in sugar is nothing new, but even the most loyal of Coke fans would be shocked to know that one can contains the equivalent of 10 sugar cubes- that's 100% more than the daily recommended allowance. 

But why is it so easy to drink? After all, even the sweetest of tooths wouldn't enjoy a cup of coffee with 10 sugar cubes so to get around this Coca-Cola adds phosphoric acid to its ingredients. What this does is cut out the sweetness and raise the levels of insulin in your body, which won't exactly make sitting still easy.

2. Your Brain's Reaction When Consuming A Can Of Coca-Cola Is The Same It Would Have When Injecting Heroin

First and foremost, it's worth pointing out that you won't become addicted to heroin when you drink loads of Coca-Cola. However, the similarities between the drink and the class A-drug come from the similar reaction that is sent to the brain when consuming them,

The moment Coca-Cola enters your system, your dopamine levels increase which for those of you who don't know, is a neurotransmitter that releases signals to nerves in the brain, which then activate the pleasure senses in the brain associated with reward-based behavior; hence why so many people consume the stuff at work. 

Incidentally, Coca-Cola once included cocaine in its ingredients, but in 1903 replaced it with more sugar and caffeine because middle-class whites vented their concerns that the drug was being heavily used by African-Americans, who they saw as threats to their families. 

3. Coca-Cola Almost Contains As Much Acid As Acid Batteries

Put Simply: the pH level of water is 7, while the level of battery acid is 1. As for the popular drink? 2. Yes, the drink billions around the world love is full of acid which is why it makes an excellent cleaning product. You can polish old metal coins for example. Or use it to get rid of tough stains on clothes.

A great cleaning device, admittedly, but a drink? It shouldn't even be touched by humans, especially when you consider that a tooth left in a can of Coke overnight will most likely dissolve. So now that you know this, think about the impact it can have on your teeth and stomach, 

4. Cancer

Everything in the world seems to cause cancer, but in Coca-Cola's case, its cancer-inducing properties were proven beyond doubt after a study involving mice in 2007 found that 4-methylimidazole, a potentially carcinogenic chemical used in most dark sodas, caused cancer in mice.

In light of this study, the artificial caramel colouring used in drinks such as Coke was declared a potential cancer-inducer in 2011 following tests involving 81 cans on different samples.

5. Weight Gain

As well as eroding your teeth and giving you an upset stomach, Coca-Cola can lead to mass weight gain if consumed on a regular basis. 

To prove this, fitness lover George Prior drank 10 cans a day for a whole month to show the world that drinking something so tasty isn't always in our interests. And judging by his findings, his study seemed to work, with the result being a 2 stone weight gain as well as significant cravings for the drink once he stopped the experiment. Talking about his experience to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, the married father-of-two said, "The most dramatic change was in weight: 23 pounds of gain over 30 days. I also seemed to develop a craving for Cokes, or other sugars, during the time I was drinking Cokes.

"My blood pressure went up, from 129/77 at the beginning to 145/96 at the end."

6. Heart Disease

'According to a study' is a sentence-starter you're probably sick of hearing, but when it comes to one's health, we think it's highly relevant. In this case, the study, which involved 42,883 male health professionals being interviewed over a 22 year period, found that 3,683 of those had heart attacks.

The reason? You guessed it. In fact, researchers learned that just one soda a day led to a 29% increase in the likelihood of a heart attack, even after other lifestyle factors like smoking and exercise were taken into account.

7. Caffeine Overload

Coke roughly contains the equivalent amount of caffeine found in a cup of coffee, and if you're getting through a two-liter bottle of Coke each day, the side-effects can be pretty bad.

Why? Because caffeine, which is highly addictive, is linked with depression and anxiety, and if you are not consuming it as much as your body would like, your mental health could significantly flounder. 

8. Illnesses

While many studies have warned us of the pitfalls that come with drinking Coke, most studies agree that people who consume just one can a day have an increased risk of obesity, higher blood pressure and attaining an increased waist circumference.

What's more, while women are equally as susceptible to the above, only they, and not men, are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

9. Vitamin Deficiency

Because our taste buds have become enamoured with the taste of sugar, few of us are drinking drinks rich in vitamin, calcium and protein and instead prefer to gorge ourselves silly on Coke and drinks of a similar kind.

Becuase of this displacement, the health of our bones suffers and drinking Coca-Cola every day will only make them worse.

10. It Could Mess With Vital Reproductive Organs

It may sound silly to some, but a sustained consumption of Coca-Cola, due to the many chemicals contained within the drink can wreck havoc with certain reproductive organs and thus harm your chances of having children.

Admittedly, this scenario is a rare occurrence, and in moderation, Coke won't do any damage but those with more than just a liking for the drink may want to be mindful of this.


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