9 Reasons Why Everyone In Their 20s Should Be Single

Lifestyle October 24, 2017 By Hugo

Being single doesn't have the stigma it once had. If anything, being a lothario or a Sassy Samantha has never been more envied. And with the advent of Tinder and other dating apps, young people in their 20s have many opportunities to mingle.

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But that's not to discount the power of true love. We all want that feeling, but when you're young and free-spirited, what's the rush?

Here are nine reasons why everyone in their 20s should consider being single.

1. You don't have to worry about infidelity 

After coming out of a relationship, there might have been cheating involved. And whether that came from you or them, your mindset can quickly change.

But that's why being single can be so refreshing. You're a free spirit and can talk to anyone while having no worries about what your other half is up to.

2. You save money

They say the best things in life are free, but even love comes with a price tag. And it isn't just an emotional one. Relationships can be expensive, and we can often get caught up in purchasing fancy items to please them when in reality, we're doing it more because we're madly in love.

But when you're single you can pretty much decide where your money goes, which in your 20s is pretty important as you probably won't have much.

3. You have one annoying family-not two

Whether you're married or in a monogamous relationship, chances are you'll have to get reasonably acquainted with your partner's parents.

And if we're honest, it can be a drag. After all, one family is bad enough. But two?

4. Sleeping around can feel liberating

If you sleep around, you can often be labelled a sleazebag. But if you practice safe sex and don't lead anyone on, it can be just what you need when you're young and have few responsibilities.

It may not be for everyone, but if you have a penchant for romancing, then don't feel guilty in indulging in a hedonistic rampage every once in a while.

5. You have more time to focus on your goals

Our goals can often be our driving force in life. Without one, we have little fuel to move forward. Said fuel can also be used up in a relationship. Why? Because we can get content, and when you're young and full of energy, that's not always good.

So if you are a recent singleton who's still young, then see it as a blessing in disguise and one where you can focus on being anything you want to be. 

6. You stay in better shape 

Unless you were dating a fitness fanatic, it's highly likely you've put on a few pounds in previous relationships. And why would you go to a gym? You've nothing to prove except your never-ending love for candlelit dinners and Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Granted, it sounds fun, but after a while, it can get monotonous, and you'll look yourself in the mirror and want to take better care of yourself. So do just that and join your local gym. You'll have more time, and more importantly, you'll feel and look a whole lot better.

7. Friends are still in your life

We tend to lose contact with our closest friends when we fall in love which is a shame considering that they were in our lives long before cupid's arrow came your way.

But when you're single (unless all your friends are hitched) you have more opportunities to see them and plan trips that would prove tricky if you had a significant other. 

8. Tinder 

The joys of Tinder are endless, and if you live in a big city, it's even better. Of course, you can be spoiled for choice, and many argue dating apps promote a culture where the grass will always be greener. But that's not always true.

What it does is add authenticity to the truism that there is someone out there for everybody. You may not find that special someone straight away, but you'll sure have fun with it and meet a wide array of people if you use it effectively. 

9. Nasty habits don't have to be suppressed 

Let's be honest: we all do it. Burp, fart, snore, wake up with hideous morning breath. We're human beings after all, and none of us are embodiments of perfection. But these unpleasant traits matter little when you're by yourself.

You can relax and let it all out without fear of being embarrassed. So embrace singlehood for all its worth, and in time, you'll have that perfect marriage full of bills, responsibilities, and puke-stained clothes from the baby. 

But for now, have fun, and lots of it.


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