10 Professions Every Child Dreams of Getting Into

Lifestyle April 10, 2017 By Hugo

The greatest thing about childhood is having enough time on your side to still be who whoever you want to be and chase your wildest dreams before the unpleasant realities of the 9-5 grind come into play. 

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Yes, childhood is a beacon of hope and opportunity far removed from the mundanities of most people's adulthood, so with that in mind, we've listed 10 other-worldly professions that many children aspire to break into at one point or other growing up.


1. The President/PM of your country

Perhaps the most prestigious job on this list, becoming the leader of your country is an aspiration ubiquitous to childhood because it couples academic excellence with social responsibility- two things teachers help foster in all their students. 

If you're American, chances are you've probably grown up believing it's the greatest job in the world, or at least the most important, hence the job title's nickname, 'The Leader of the Free World.' 


2. A professional athlete

Applying mostly to boys, but in recent years girls too, becoming a professional athlete is the pinnacle profession in many boy's eyes, and the fandom and demi-god like worship of the star players that follow leads many dreaming of one day replicating their idol's achievements.

Of course, few will ever go onto to do this, let alone make a living out of sport, but in countries like America, excelling at a sport, even if it's not to a professional standard, can be an excellent way to attain a fully-funded College education.


3. A rock star/pop star

Is there any profession cooler than that of a rock star/ pop star? It's certainly deemed one of the most attractive because singing is a personal act, and if you can bring joy through the medium of your awe-inspiring virtuosity, then you'll certainly be on your way to attaining your very own demi-god status. 

It's a dream job (if you want to call it a job) and when children enter their teens, music becomes an integral part of their life and identity, and therfore entertaining the idea of one day selling out stadiums is more than common.


4. A Hollywood actor 

Film and television's influence on popular culture has continually grown since Hollywood's inception in the early 1900s, and nowadays, Hollywood churns out hundreds of new pilots and films each year meaning there's always going to be a few shows and films that capture the zeitgeist of a particular generation.

Inevitably, this reality turns actors in popular shows and movies into A-list celebrities, and for those who are gregarious, confident and outgoing, many get a thrill from performing and end up dreaming of making it as an actor.

In Los Angeles, alone, there are over 2m unemployed actors, many of whom came to the West Coast soon after graduating high school.


5. A supermodel

Who doesn't wish now and then they could look in the mirror and stare back at a Kate Moss/ David Gandy lookalike? It sounds incredibly vain and a tad lame, but there's nothing wrong with children wanting to make a career out of it should they be offered the opportunity.

Muck like pro sports typically being the dreams of boys, wishing to be a model is usually the preserve of girls, but, unlike anything else on this list, there is nothing you can do to make your modeling dream's a reality other than be incredibly lucky with your genes. 


6. A film director

Being a movie director appears awesome because you get to see your creation come to life with the aid of a (hopefully) terrific ensemble of cast members.

That said, for every Damien Chazelle and Martin Scorsese, there are millions of unemployed film graduates, but that still doesn't seem to deter many young hopefuls of one day bringing their cinematic visions to life.


7. A astronaut 

While making it in the world of showbusiness and professional sports is all well and good, there's still something spectacular about going into space that captures the imagination of us all- especially in childhood.

Moreover, the job of an astronaut is one of great prestige and importance to the development of the human race, though to become one is no easy feat. 

In fact, due to normally having to attain a plethora of high-level qualifications in a maths/science related field, you also have to pass rigorous fitness tests, which make the odds of ever seeing anything beyond an aeroplane's window incredibly small. But if you can't reach the sky, aim for the stars, right?


8. A writer

Okay, so maybe we at Lifehack Lane are a little biased, but in our humble opinion, there's nothing better than seeing your words come to life and also get paid for it and those who excel and take an interest in English at school often imagine what it would be like to write for a living.

Better still, writing is a multifaceted discipline that can be applied to a variety of jobs, including journalism, novel writing, screenwriting, theater production. songwriting, advertising, copywriting, teaching... 

The list is endless and though the pay isn't as rewarding as other professions, if you can make a living from the written word, does that really matter?


9. A vet

Everyone loves animals, and children are no exception. Not only are animals incredibly cute, but they can help with a child's development, especially those who struggle earlier on in their cognitive development.

Therefore, the idea of working with animals on a daily basis and helping them becomes an attractive proposition. That said, gaining the relevant qualifications requires over 7 years training, not to mention excelling academically at school before being even accepted onto a College course, which usually slows a child's interest the older they get.


10. A pilot

Until popular culture caught hold of people's imaginations in the early 60s, being a pilot was one of the most esteemed jobs you could have because it was laden with glamor and prestige, and even today, it still has glossy connotations.

Back in the 60s and 70s, pilots would even travel through airports with attractive female air stewardess as they donned silk uniforms and aviator sunglasses, leaving children looking up in awe and thus adding to the pilot's rock star appeal. The hats probably played a big part too, while being in charge of many shiny buttons no doubt added to the magical appeal.


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