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20 Photos That Look Fake But Are 100% Real

Entertainment April 29, 2016 By Vincent

Ever seen something so spectacular and thought no one is ever going to believe you when you tell the story? Sometimes people capture a photograph of these incredible moments but they seem equally as unlikely in the age of photoshop and other image editors. Here we look at 20 photos that you won't believe are real but totally are.

1. Dust Storm

Taken from an oil rig in the Atlantic ocean, this image shows an approaching dust storm as it swirls across the sea from Africa. Reminiscent of a giant, foamy beer, this is a whole lot more unpleasant than a nice, cold brew.


2. A Real Life Oil Painting

Although the vibrant blues and stark greens look weirdly magnificent as though straight from an artist's pallette, they actually hold a much darker truth. The incredible amount of algae over Chaohu Lake, China is because of pollution and runoff from surrounding farms that have seen the growth of it rocket. This is bad news for animals living in the river as it chokes off light, heat and oxygen and kills off the surrounding environment.


3. Sinkhole City

It may look like a photoshopped black hole eating up the ground around it from or a scene from SimCity when you leave your town to ruin but this is an actual shot of a sinkhole that opened up in Guatemala City in 2010 which is incredibly scary when you think that part of the city was just swallowed into the depths of the Earth.


4. Level Headed Trees

In what looks like a bizarre photo crop where the top has been cut off, or an extreme quirk of nature where all the trees just stopped growing at exactly the same moment, this art installation, where all the trees were trimmed, was made to look as though they had grown in a perfect cube shape.


5. Ball of Grass

What looks like a free standing grass sphere with tiny trees growing on top of it is actually just a long stretch of grass outside the Paris City Hall with cleverly cut lines into it. 


6. Real Life Barbie

 Creepily life like doll? Not quite. This is Valeria Lukyanova who has the ultimate goal of looking like a real life Barbie doll and has undergone dozens of surgeries (amongst other procedures) in order to become the walking, talking embodiment of the children's toy.


7. Hovering Boat

A boat that hovers above water rather than gliding through it? Surely not. Well actually, no. This image is produced thanks to the incredibly clear water as theshadow is offset by the translucent waves.


8. The Crooked Forest

A small copse of trees in Poland that grow at a right angle before ascending skyward is referred to as the crooked forest. No one knows why they grow like this but it is generally believed that they were cultivated as such for one reason or another.


9.  Floating Telephone Pole

Conventional wisdom suggests that telephone poles are there to hold up the telephone wires and not the other way around, which is, in part, true. However, the wires are designed to run extremely taughtly and so every other pole is essentially just a back up in case something should happen to some of the others as this photograph of a burnt pole prooves.


10. Sea Monster

The Kraken being released from the deep or Cthulu coming to take his vengance? Neither actually, it's just seaweed pulled up by the incoming wave and because of the clear waters you can see the tentacle like objects underneath them.


11. Red and White Trees

In what looks like a painstakingly devised image where tress have been painted red at exactly the same height is actually the resul of  a toxic waste spill in Western Hungary, 2010. You'll note that nothing is growing at the base of the trees because of the catastrophic environmental damge it did.


12. Twisted Tracks

You'd be hard pressed to find a train that can run on these tracks and, to be fair, they weren't built like this but rather twisted by the devastating earthquales that hit the Caterbury region of New Zealand in 2010. Being bolted to the ground, they didn't split but just bent and you can see the force of which that happened by the sheer angle of the metal.


13. Cliffside Cruise

Is it possible for a cruise ship to be deposited in tact on the coastline by a wave so hight that it rests it atop the cliff? No. This is a hotel in South Korea that has the same shops, activities and layout of a cruise ship without actually going anywhere.


14. Rainbow Waterfall

Because of its positioing and the way the light hits it, at certain points in the day, this waterfall in the Yosemite National Park, USA can look as though it is transforming into a rainbow on its descent.


15. Walking In The Clouds

The Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia are reflective and so show nothing but a mirror image of the sky above. So clear are they for many miles that, at the right spot, you can see the curvature of the Earth.


16. Graffiti Hotel Room

A hotel in Marseille, France, comissioned a graffiti artist to give its hotel room a unique decor overhaul but only half of it as the other half is almost completely white. The bed clothes must be aligned perfectly when changing the sheets so as to maintain the look of the room.


17. Floating Tennis Court

The water court was devised as a larger idea for cities that were running out of space but still needed leisure areas for their busy citizens. Here Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal are battling it out, the problem being, there are no ball boys to retrieve ball should it go out of bounds...or should that be ball buoys?


18.  Tower of Books

A project by  Spanish artist Alicia Martin, these books aren't actually pouring out of the buiding but are actually stuck in place and built from the ground up.


19. Runway and Road

when Gibraltar airport was first built, it didn't have to deal with modern planes, but the bigger they got, the longer the runway needed to be and so they extended it across a four lane highway. Controlled lights make sure cars and aircraft don't go at the same time but it still must be a little intimidating.


20. Landing On the Highway

Leipzig airport in Germany is actually built over the top of the Autobahn and so planes quite often taxi to and from the runway over the top of it which makes it look as though they have accidentally landed on the road. It must be a little off-putting for drivers as well.


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