10 Of The Most Common Bucket List Wishes

Lifestyle April 4, 2017 By Hugo

Everyone wants to make the most of life and do things without being limited by time or money, but unless you have a degree of wealth, doing everything you want in life just isn't possible.

However, with enough savings, and a determination and willingness to step outside your comfort zone, many great things in life can still be achieved, and people often make a bucket list of such goals.

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Here we list some of the most common goals people hope to one day tick off their bucket lists.


1. Write a novel

The saying goes that everyone has a novel in them, though rarely do people believe that, and even if they think they could sit and down and write for hours on end, few actually do.

However, with the advent of self-publishing, publishing a book is a more realistic proposition, and though you still have to write the book, the chances of it reaching an audience are better than ever.


2. Complete a marathon 

Admit it; you've always wanted to pip your fitness fanatic friends to the post and compete in a marathon before them. It would be great, wouldn't it? You could tell them how lithe you looked as you crossed the finish line in a respectable 4 hours while they spend hours in the gym honing their muscles but can't run more than 2 miles without running out of breath.

That said, you'd actually have to train religiously and commit to a schedule akin to a pro athletes'. But hey, if middle-aged men can swim across oceans and run to other parts of the world, then why can't you run a 26-mile-race? 


3. Marry the love of their life

We all want romantic love, don't we? In a cheesy nutshell, it's an emotion that makes life worth living and can help us through the most difficult of times, all while giving us a feeling that no amount of money could buy.

Of course, even with the plethora of dating apps and sites at our disposal, love is still hard to find, but when it comes, it will always remain the greatest feeling imaginable.


4. See the seven wonders of the world

Traveling to as many places as you possibly can is a goal most people share and is undoubtedly on the bucket lists of many people, but there's something special and inspiring about seeing the Seven Wonders of the World.

Many plan round-the-world excursions and visit all seven in one trip, but even if you see only a few, you'll probably feel incredibly lucky and privileged.


5. Learning another language 

Being able to speak another language doesn't only make you come across as cultured and sophisticated, it also helps when abroad and enables you to find out more about a country's culture by being able to acquaint yourself with the locals better.

Better yet, there's a litany of online tutorials and programmes that require time but little money, and though immersing yourself in the country is the best way to learn,  online applications are the next best thing.


6. Learning an instrument

Everyone, at least at one point in their lives, imagines themselves as a rock star as they stand on stage and belt out their best hits. Yes, once can dream, but it's never too late to put your potential virtuosity to the test!

In fact, it's not uncommon for many people to pick an instrument up much later in their lives and give it a go. It takes practice, but with time, you might have just released that inner artist that was always yearning to escape.


7. Stay in a five-star hotel

While the 1% frequent 5-star-hotels on a daily occurrence, for most of us, an all-inclusive 4-star-hotel holiday- let alone a 5-star one- is usually out of reach, but when the kids grow up, and you have more time to yourself, then saving up for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday becomes a more realistic option.

And who knows? If you save more than most, you might even be able to afford Dubai's fantastic Burj Al Arab 7-star hotel for a night or two.


8. Become a millionaire

To some, this would be highly superficial and unnecessary in the grander scheme of things, but to many, having the financial security which allows you a life to do what you want is a tantalizing prospect and thus a common goal on one's bucket list. 

And who knows? If you're wise with your money and set up a decent savings account, just a few successful investments might one day yield this unlikely, yet possible scenario.


9. Raise a family

Whether you want to marry your true love and raise children with them or start a family by yourself, having children is what humans were put on Earth to do so it makes sense that most people want to raise children at some stage.

In fact, the platonic love spawned from your children is arguably greater than that felt from a romantic partner as they are your very own blood, so there's a strong case that having children is the best thing one can do on their limited time on Earth.

Not that we're pressuring you to have them....


10. Do a job you love

While doing the things above is all well and good, there comes a time in one's life when they will look back on their professional lives and wish they could have pursued something they were genuinely interested in as opposed to working for more common reasons; such as keeping the family afloat.

With that said, getting paid to do something you love is a privilege, and only a few people will experience what it's like, but if you're young and have relatively few commitments then it isn't impossible.

Of course, no one should be defined by their job, but as you'll spend the equivalent of 25 to 30 years at a working office, it helps to enjoy what you do or at least have a passion for it. 

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