10 Of The Best Public Places To Meet A Potential Partner

Top Tips March 21, 2017 By Hugo

Have you ever wanted to do away with online dating and find someone the old-fashioned way? Well, you've probably tried, before realizing that going up and talking to someone requires more effort and potential embarrassment than downloading an app and waiting for someone to respond.

However, going up to someone, as we've written about before on this site, isn't as hard as people make it out to be, and should you find yourself in the appropriate setting, you shouldn't let nerves stop you from saying hello.

Here are 10 public places that are more than suitable to meet a potential partner should the opportunity arise.

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1. Gyms

Gyms aren't for everyone, but should you happen to be an ardent lover of exercise; then you'll find a plethora of like-minded people. Better yet, people who go to the gym are usually single, as let's face it; once you get into a relationship, exercise starts taking more of a backseat in favor of lazy days and passionate... Netflix watching.

On a more serious note, all that's required is a simple smile and hello. You can usually tell before if they're interested as most people in the gym tend to let their eyes wander, so if you think the attraction is mutual then think of a conversation starter and, providing they aren't wearing headphones or in the middle of an exercise, pluck up the courage and say hello!


2. Parks 

Providing it isn't in the midst of the night (because that would just be plain creepy) strike up a conversation with someone you like the look of. If it's a sunny day and people are lying on the grass, and you happen to be in proximity to someone, then comment on the weather and see where that takes you. People tend to be more reciprocative when the weather is nice.

Better yet, if you're walking a dog, your chances of successfully courting someone are likely to improve as even non-dog walkers will probably find your dog adorable, especially if it's a sausage dog. They're just too damn cute.


3. Classes

Meeting people with similar interests is usually the most cited thing people look for in a potential partner because even if you happened to be dating the most attractive human being in the world, if your interests aren't aligned, the conversation will run dry which is why it's always great to date people from your class.

It could be a college class, a creative writing class in the evenings after work or even just a course your boss has made you take after work. Whatever it is, chances are you'll meet some interesting people. Moreover, starting a conversation with them won't be as hard as it would be in other settings as you'll (hopefully) already have talking points from the class.


4. Coffee shops

Aside from the gym, coffee shops are perhaps the easiest way to meet potential partners in the daytime. Of course, being a social setting, many people frequent such places with friends, but just as many go by themselves, usually armed with only a laptop and a steaming mug of coffee for company.

And who knows? Your dream partner might be immersed in your favorite book, which could give you the perfect conversation opener.


5. Music festivals/gigs

Having a similar taste in music is great, and it can often determine who you choose to date and who you don't which is why meeting someone at a gig or festival is a great way to fall into a conversation with someone naturally.

Better yet, your brain will be full of endorphins from the music, while a bit of alcohol will also help with the nerves should you decide to make the first move. 


6. Art galleries/museums

It's very presumptions to assume you'll meet the partner of your dreams at an art gallery, especially when you consider that most people who visit galleries and museums are teachers and students.

Go on the weekends, however, or a time when it's relatively quiet, and you may just meet someone who can more than match your obsession with the Pre-Raphaelite period.


7. Beaches

Those lucky enough to live by a stunning stretch of coastline are probably all-too aware of the ample socializing opportunities available, and most people in places like Brazil, for instance, are often used to meeting potential partners there. 

And why would they not be? Everyone looks amazing, people are happy, and you can easily ask people to join in on a game of volleyball or soccer or whatever else it is you enjoy playing.


8. Libraries

The library is a brilliant place to meet Mr or Ms. Right. Not only do libraries attract intelligent and well-rounded people, but they also provide easy conversation starters. 

In fact, all you have to do is comment on a certain book they're reading, and in most cases, you'll have a conversation on your hands. Of course, make sure you know something about the book, or at least appear to make out you do; otherwise, you'll soon come undone.


9. Arcades

Arcades are hip and cool places, full of wacky and fun-loving people, and should you go on weekends; you'll find loads of groups playing various games- many of which require group participation.

It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're a lover of games, chances are you'll meet at least one interesting person in an arcade, regardless of whether you're in Cony Island, New York or a small town in Mississippi.


10. Bars

Last but by no means least, meeting someone in a bar is still the easiest way to meet someone without the aid of a flailing finger and smartphone. Not only do you have that much-needed Dutch courage should you be a drinker, but most people who visit bars embrace the idea of being approached and in most cases are prepared for it to happen.

So there should be no excuses for not talking to someone you like the look of when in a bar. Drink a few, gauge their interest and talk to them! 


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