10 Netflix Tips To Get You Ready For Binge Season

Top Tips December 13, 2017 By Vincent

Binge season is nearly upon us! The time of year when you can snuggle up in bed and just devour your favorite Netflix shows, box sets, and films all whilst lying prostrate and not having to move for hours!

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However, you could be watching these things far more efficiently and with greater ease, if you know all the tips, tricks and hacks to get you gorging on your fave shows that much more so we take a look at some Netflix hacks!

1. Watch With A Friend Even If They Aren't With You

You can synchronize what you are watching with another person if you both have Google Chrome on the device you are watching on. The Chrome extension 'Showgoers' will generate an invite code to send to another person once you are logged in. After which, it takes into account pauses, fast-forwards or any rewinding that needs to be done, so you watch along with each other at the same time.

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There are video chat extensions that also offer similar services, like Rabbit which will share what you are watching with up to 15 other people, meaning that you can host a movie night with friends whenever and wherever you want!

2. Netflix Whilst You Work

Many of us like to multi-task and try to watch something whilst we work or make notes or whatever it may be! However, every time you click off Netflix, it goes into the background which is super annoying as you still want to see what's going on.

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If you have a Mac though, you can use the OS X compatible browser Helium that has a translucency mode for such a thing. Sadly, there's not really an equivalent for Windows yet.

3. Designate A Bandwith

If you share streams or like to watch online whilst traveling, streams can be interrupted by poor service but if you set a specific bandwidth to view on you may have better luck.


PC / MAC: shift, ctrl, right alt (you might know this as alt gr in Europe) + S to open a menu and then select a bandwidth that suits and finetune your viewing experience if you trust yourself to know what you are doing.

4. Turn Off The Countdown To Next Episode and The 'Are You Still Watching?' Message

If you're binge-watching a series there is very little that is more irritating than having that 20-second countdown until the next episode or having the screen flash up 'Are You Still Watching' during your epic viewing session but you can turn these off with a Google Chrome extension.

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The specifically designed extension called Flix Assist is really useful for things such as this and once you've sorted it all out, just reload Netflix and away you go!

5. Get Ratings For The Movie You're About To Watch

The Netflix rating service is a simple thumbs up, thumbs down system but if you want to see ratings of films or how good or bad it is generally considered you can't do this without looking it up yourself.

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That being said, the Chrome extension Rateflix will include ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes so you can have more of an informed decision on what to watch before committing two hours of your life to it.

6. Narrow Down What You Are Searching For By Using Hidden Codes

Netflix has a series of codes that define a film by genre or sub-genre, and you can search for your favorite type of films by using them. For example, you can find all boxing movies, with 12443. Just put the code into this URL: netflix.com/browse/genre/PUT-CODE-HERE

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The updated list of codes can be found at http://ogres-crypt.com/public/NetFlix-Streaming-Genres.html Whilst the Chrome Extension Enhancer For Netflix does a similar thing but isn't as in-depth.

7. Never Worry About Having To Decide What To Watch Again!

For those of us who feel Netflix has too much choice or simply can't decide what to watch next, Flix Roulette lets you enter your favorite actors or genre and then makes the decision for you.


Alternatively, you can leave all of its options blank and let it make an entirely random choice.

8. Vital Shortcuts To Cut Down On Unnecessary Clicking

Doing a lot of clicking around to get your preferred settings or just too lazy to find what you want and would rather have a shortcut? Well memorize these, and you'll never have to worry about extraneous clicks again.

  • Space/Enter key – Playback and pause
  • Page up – Playback
  • Page down – Pause
  • F – Fullscreen
  • Esc – Exit fullscreen
  • Shift + Left Arrow – Rewind
  • Shift + Right Arrow – Fast forward
  • Up Arrow – Increase volume
  • Down Arrow – Lower volume
  • M – Mute toggle

9. Make Subtitles More Visible

Sometimes you understand what is being said and don't need the unnecessary subtitles and other times they are too small are incompatible with your level of vision. Few people know though that, in your account you can go to the Subtitle Appearance page, where you can adjust the size and color of the writing.


Now you can watch something great and read the dialogue as well, how lovely!

10. Find Out If Your Account Has Been Hacked

There are countless stories of hacked accounts being shared around publicly or sold on, and if you ever suspect this has happened you can check by going to your "Viewing activity".


Here you'll find a complete list of everything you've ever watched. Under "Recent Account Access," you can see which devices last accessed your account and if one is unfamiliar, change your password and login details immediately.


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