Mysterious Photos That Baffled the Public

Entertainment May 6, 2016 By Hugo

When you capture something on camera, you usually know how the picture is going to turn out. It could be a birthday celebration with loved ones. Or photos that captured the holiday of a lifetime as you journeyed through exotic lands. Then again, said photos are all so predictable! We've seen it all before, and our minds aren't exactly going to be enthralled. Well, unless what you captured was totally unexpected.....

Believe it or not, there are thousands of photos which defy logic. Of course, that very same logic could determine that they are fakes, but that's for you to determine. Here are 52 such examples of weird and mysterious photos that many believe are 100% authentic.


The Amazon alien.

Evil spirits were a constant present in one woman's home in Gary, Indiana. In fact, the disturbances became so loud that she took countless photos to detect any possible signs of unwanted spirits. In one photo, a blurry woman could be seen staring right back at her from the living room window.


The remains of a dead animal found in Mexico has still not been identified.

 The Cursed Fetus.

The hallway spectre.

The Phoenix Lights, Arizona.

The San Pedro Mummy was discovered in 1932, but archaeologists are still to determine its origin.

The 'Skunk Ape' has been spotted in the American states of North Carolina, Arkansas, and Flordia.

The Grand Canyon ghost? Or just a creepy teenage boy with too much time on his hands?

Did ancient human civilisation predict the future? The cave painting dates back to 500 BC, which may suggest that our caveman brothers were more than the grunts we often presume them to be.

A giant grasshopper?

Groovy baby! A spectre clad in pink 70s gear appeared on a woman's phone when she tried to take a picture of her nephew outside his school.

Did Egyptians inhabit Mars?

Gettysburg ghost soldier.

 The child who befriended a 'ghost'.

Jim Morrison's ghost.


 The parents claim it to be a ghost. But is it just a doll? You decide.

A 'Gollum-like' figure was spotted in the Chinese mountains by an unsuspecting climber.

Another 'alien' that calls the forest home.


The third wheeling spectre.

A haunted campsite?

The ghost of St. Andrews, Scotland.

Military jets surround a 'UFO'.

A 14-year-old took a photo of his house when a mysterious girl appeared at the window. The house, located in Ohio, has long had a history of paranormal activity, but this was the first time a 'ghost' was spotted.

Michael Jackson's ghost?


When President John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas Dealey Plaza, one woman appeared to be documenting the incident- potentially with a camera- while others ran for cover. Following the photos, the FBI searched high and low for the woman, but with little luck. Although in 1970, a woman called Beverly Oliver came forward to conspiracy theorist Gary Shaw, admitting to her being the Babushka lady.  What she revealed, however, was met with trepidation when she claimed that she recorded the events on a Yashica Super-8 camera- even though the model hadn't come into circulation until 1968. 

Ted Danson and a.... Ghost?

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

 The Space Ghost

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

 If you look at at the very back row and focus on the fourth man to the left, you'll see WW1 RAF squadron pilot Freddy Jackson. But he wasn't supposed to be there. In fact, he was meant to be dead.... The scarier part? His funeral was held on the same day of the photo.

 This is a real photo that cannot be explained. 

The backseat driver

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

The old lady and her 'deceased' husband

 This one of many real photos that cannot be explained.


A team of Chinese archaeologists was left flabbergasted when they opened a tomb in Shangsi County- a tomb that had been undisturbed for a reported 400 years! But it wasn't the geological rock structures that dazzled them. Instead, it was a tiny golden wristwatch that really caught their eyes. But was it part of an elaborate well-crafted hoax set up from the night before? Or was it- as many believe- the lost property of a forgetful time traveller?

 This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

A baby ghost? 

 Lone survivor.

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 The curious incident of the extra thumb.

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The Watertown haunting.

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 A time traveller?

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A church ghost?

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Mysterious Structures on the moon.

The Hook Island Sea Monster.

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