17 Mysterious Photos That Cannot be Explained

Entertainment February 9, 2016 By Lifehacklane

There are only two things certain in life: death and taxes. Even photographs, it seems, don't provide us with the intended outcome.

With that said, we thought we'd throw a dollop of mystery into your life and present you with 20 unexplainable photos.

Still, we don't expect you to buy into their authenticity. All we know for sure is that some of them will scare the hell out of you. 

Don't say you haven't been warned....

The Babushka Lady


When President John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas Dealey Plaza, one woman appeared to be documenting the incident- potentially with a camera- while others ran for cover. Following the photos, the FBI searched high and low for the woman, but with little luck. 

Although in 1970, a woman called Beverly Oliver came forward to conspiracy theorist Gary Shaw, admitting to her being the Babushka lady.  

What she revealed, however, was met with trepidation when she claimed that she recorded the events on a Yashica Super-8 camera- even though the model hadn't come into circulation until 1968.


Ted Danson and a.... Ghost?

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

Before Ted Danson graced our screens in the popular C.S.I series, he starred in many films. One such film was the 1987 comedy film, '3 Men and a Baby.' But what's with that creepy little kid peering through the curtains? Let's just say he wasn't exactly part of the script......

The Space Ghost

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

It was a regular day in the countryside for Jim Templeton and his wife and daughter as they lunched on Burgh Marsh, and many lovely photographs were taken. So days later, Jim decided to get the photos developed. But that's when the story starts getting freaky.

Mystified and stunned by the spaceman-like spectre in the background, he asked Kodak for answers. But even to this day, Kodak swear that the photo showed no sign of tampering while Jim and his wife were always adamant that no one else was present when the photo was captured.


The Ghost of Freddy Jackson

 This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

If you look at at the very back row and focus on the fourth man to the left, you'll see WW1 RAF squadron pilot Freddy Jackson. But he wasn't supposed to be there. In fact, he was meant to be dead.... The scarier part? His funeral was held on the same day of the photo.

The Backseat Driver

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

This isn't any old backseat driver. No, It's not your annoying boyfriend telling you the ins and outs of the highway code. Or your grandmother berating your driving skills- it's far scarier. The story goes that in 1959, Mabel Chinnery, the wife of the man seen driving, was visiting her mother's grave when she decided to get out and take a photo of her husband. But it's the mysterious man in the back that really caught her attention.  

The Old Lady and Her Husband

 This one of many real photos that cannot be explained.

Care homes are sad places and are perhaps only surpassed by hospitals and hospices in regards to their depressing realities. After all, many have loved and lost, while others look back at how it used to be. But according to one old lady, her daily dose of nostalgia came in the form of her husband's ghost. Even her family have sworn that no man was present when the photo was captured. Either that or they have terrible memories....

A Forgetful Time Traveller?

 This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

Now this is pretty cool! Taking you back to 2008, a team of Chinese archeologists were left flabbergasted when they opened a tomb in Shangsi County- a tomb that had been undisturbed for a reported 400 years! But it wasn't the geological rock structures that dazzled them. Instead, it was a tiny golden wristwatch that really caught their eyes.But was it part of an elaborate well-crafted hoax set up from the night before? Or was it- as many believe- the lost property of a forgetful time traveller?

A Baby Ghost?


Okay, this is just plain spooky! The supposed 'ghost' was caught on camera in 1945 when an Australian mother took a photo of her late daughter's grave. Though when the film developed, a picture of a mystified-looking baby appeared. 

The scariest part? In 1990, a paranormal researcher investigated the graveyard only to discover that the bodies of two infant girls were buried in a nearby grave. 

Lone Survivor

Image Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/59218746@N07/5448026988/

In this stunning photo, a woman can be seen standing on a piece of debris waving frantically for help after the tragic events of 9/11. Evidently, she miraculously survived the initial attack, but what happened after remains shrouded in mystery.


The Curious Incident of the Extra Thumb

Image Source http://memolition.com/2013/10/15/unexplained-mysterious-photos-13-pictures/

It may look like a classic photo of kids being kids, but if you take a second look, you might notice that one thumb appears out of place. It's impossible to work out what body it belongs to, and ever since the photo went viral, the internet has been awash with theories. Even the photographer has no idea.

The Watertown Haunting

Image Source http://www.forteantimes.com/features/fbi/3256/the_watertown_ghosts.html

James Courtney and Michael Meehan experienced a rather unfortunate death. According to many, the two were cleaning a cargo tank before gas fumes overcame them, and thus assigning them to instant death. 

As customary in those days, the two men were buried out at sea. However, the story goes that their presence didn't quite rest gently. In fact, crew members regularly witnessed unusual sightings in the nearby waves. With the Captain Keith Tracy informed, he decided to purchase a camera for the rest of the voyage. And if this photo is anything to go by, it appeared his former crew staff weren't entirely ready to give up their shifts.

Time Traveller?

Image Source http://memolition.com/2013/10/15/unexplained-mysterious-photos-13-pictures/

This bizarre photo, captured in 1941, shows two men with modern-day cameras at the re-opening of South Forks Bridge in Canada. But quite how they got their hands on them in 1941 remains a mystery.

A Church Ghost

mysterious photos

On an outing to Worstead Church in Norfolk, England, Peter Berthelot took a photo of his wife, Diane, praying on one of the church benches. Nothing 'paranormal' about that, right? Well, that was until Peter got the film developed. It was then that they spotted a haunting ashen clad lady lurking behind Diane. Predictably, the married couple were shocked and took the photo to the local vicar. It was then that they were informed of the 'White Lady' ghost, who locals believe was once a healer.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Mrs. Bethelot believes the ghosts healing practices rubbed off on her. “I always felt it was a blessing because my whole life seemed to change after we realised the White Lady had sat behind me. It inspired me to write poetry."

Mysterious Structures on the Moon



Nasa has never directly responded to claims that there is more to the moon's environment than merely rocks and craters. But to the debunk what many believe are inner secrets within the space organisation, rare photos emerged from the Apollo 17 mission. Well, allegedly. Nasa has always claimed that one of the pictures, (the first one) is simply a blank from the Apollo 17 film magazine 136-Hotel. 

And the second one? I guess we'll never know....

Scream From the Future?


It's not hard to spot. In fact, the grim reaper like figure caught on camera by the local reverend bears a similar resemblance to Kevin Williamson's fictional murderer in the movie 'Scream.' 

The story goes that the minister saw nothing scary or mysterious when he took the photos... until he got the pictures developed. Heard that one before, right?

So you'd think the most likely case of this 'ghostly' figure would have been an obvious result of double exposure? But that theory was soon dispelled by experts analysing the photo, who then estimated the spectre to be over 9 foot tall! Whether it said "O.M.G," however, is still a mystery....

The Hook Island Sea Monster

mysterious photos

Was it a giant tadpole about to take over the world? A leaked oil spill? The remains from a gorilla's stomach? I guess we'll never fully know, and ideas as to what it is are prevalent on the web.

Captured in Queensland, Australia by French photographer Robert Serecc, others of a more cynical/realistic deposition merely believe it to be a long tarp. And though that's likely the case, no definitive conclusion was ever reached.

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