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10 Moving Hacks To Make The Move Less Stressful

Lifehacks July 20, 2016 By Vincent

Moving is a big deal, stressful and hard work but we can help out with all that. No, we're not gonna come round and help you pack but we can offer up these handy hacks to make it go a bit smoother.

1. Use Styrofoam Plates In Between Permanent Ones

These disposable plates act as shaped protectors in between the dishes and should help prevent breakages.


2. Stuffed Animals Make Great Eco-Friendly Packing

Odds on are that you have a few stuffed animals around the house. Use them to pack around items you don't want to be damaged rather than buying more bubble wrap or styrofoam.


3. Protect Breakables With Socks

Wrap any breakables in your, soft, fluffy socks for extra protection when traveling.


4. Pack Shirts As They Are

Save the laborious task of taking shirts off the hanger and folding them up neatly by just bunching them together on the rail and slipping a bin bag over them. You don't have to take them off the hanger and can then just hang them up straight away when you get to the other end.


5. Have An Organizing Box System As You Pack

As you go everything you own, it is inevitable you will throw some things out so organize them into boxes that you can just drop off at a charity store or bin straight away.


6. Make Handles In Your Boxes For Easy Carrying

Cut a triangle on the side of your moving boxes to acts as a handle which makes carrying them, so much easier.


7. Make Sure Food Stuffs, Spices & Liquids Don't Spill

Wrap anything that might leak or spill in plastic wrap to save yourself some serious cleaning up when you get where you're going.


8. Use Toilet Rolls To Store Cables

To stop them becoming tangled on the journey, wrap cables up and then slide an empty toilet roll over the top to keep them to themselves.


9. Color Code Boxes To Make Unpacking A Breeze

By color coding boxes, you know what room they should go in before unpacking and it's quicker and easier than writing on them. Also, make sure to put the labels on the side of boxes so that you can instantly see them.


10. Use Pots & Pans As Storage

Pots and pans take up a lot of box space but have empty spaces in the middle so why not use them to store smaller kitchen items in as well? They're all going to the same place anyway.


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