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15 Morning Hacks That Will Help Make Getting Up A Breeze

Lifehacks January 13, 2017 By Hugo

For the most part; mornings aren't very fun. They signal the beginning of a long day, and once you've finally found the strength to exit your snug and paradisiacal enclave, otherwise known as your bed, you may just wonder how an earth you're going to get through the day.

But mornings needn't be so painful, and just because you've never felt like a morning person, that doesn't mean you can't embrace them more and aim to feel less overwhelmed when the alarm clock goes off. So, to help you in your quest for morning glory, here are 15-morning hacks that will help make waking up a breeze. 



1. Position your alarm clock, so it is out-of-reach when you wake up

We'll start with the obvious. Alarm clocks are an essential device for anyone, even those annoying morning people, but it's important you place it somewhere sensible, so it does what it's intended.​


Place it somewhere out-of-reach. The corner of your room often works best. Under your bed also works a treat. And make sure the volume is 'hell-raising.' Get it?

2. Lay your clothes out the night before

Choosing what to wear, depending on how fashion conscious you are, can take a while and waste precious minutes when you could have picked the same outfit the night before. 


Simply lay your clothes on a chair near your bed, and when you wake up, all you'll need to do is slip straight into them.


3. Make sure you're phone's turned off until you're ready to leave

Smartphones are primarily responsible for the human brain now having a lower attention span than a goldfish. Why? Because we're addicted to naturally dopamine-inducing activities like checking our social media feeds or lusting over photos of our ex, things which play havoc with our morning routine. 


Instead, avoid doing these tedious, everyday things and invest in an alarm clock while also getting into a habit of turning your phone off when you go to bed. How many minutes in the morning have you wasted scrolling down pointless news stories when you could be eating or brushing your teeth? A lot, probably, and with the average human on checking their smartphone 85 times a day, it's important you always keep it off in the morning if you wish to be more time-efficient.

4. Pack your lunch the night before

Like with laying your clothes out the night before, preparing your lunch in the evening can make a big difference.


Leftovers are cheap for one thing, and it doesn't take long to rustle up a sandwich from it once you've eaten dinner. Even if you prefer something different, just make it shortly after work then pack it in your bag.

5. Splash cold water on your face

Once you've reached for the snooze button on your sensibly-placed alarm clock and put on your clothes, head straight to the bathroom and splash your face with cold water. It will feel like an attack at first, but it will soon give you the added impetus to get moving.


It will be a refreshing delight- even if it doesn't sound like it- and once you've moisturised your face and your body feels comfortable in fresh clothes, you'll feel ten times better.

6. Set your alarm an hour earlier

It may sound like a no-no, but think about it: how stressed does it feel knowing you barely have enough time to brush your teeth and eat a bowl of cereal? It's not a nice way to start the morning in a frenzied state of panic, so be on the safe side and sacrifice an hours' sleep for a better state of mind. 


Not only it does it assure that you get up on time, but it will also give you the option of giving yourself an extra hour to yourself in the morning as opposed to going back to bed for another hour. Who knows? You could even spend that time taking a bath, going to the gym before work as opposed to after. You might even want to be productive and do something creative. Whatever it is, we recommend you give yourself more time than less. 

7. Amend your evening routine

Contrary to belief, a successful morning routine doesn't start in the morning; it commences in the evening. More often that not, people with bad morning routines are usually those are still awake at 2 AM watching TV. 


To avoid this common pitfall, switch things up and turn the lights off at 11 instead of 1 or 2. And instead of watching TV, read a book or a magazine. Not only does late night TV viewing disrupt our hormones by confusing the screen's lights with natural ones, but it also delays our sleep, with our brain receptors playing havoc with the nervous system whenever we watch stuff on screens.

8. Preset your coffee machine

If you're lucky enough to have a coffee maker, time it so it brews those roasted beans minutes before your alarm goes off.


By doing this, not only will you wake up to the welcomed aroma of coffee beans, but you'll also have another incentive to get out of bed.

9. Add an incentive to every part of your day

There's nothing worse than waking up and knowing you have little to look forward to so it's important you incorporate your day with something enjoyable.


Knowing you've got something else to do with your time other than work will probably improve your productivity as well, and thereby tire you out when the evening comes. And whether it's a Tinder date, a Netflix series, or even just rustling up a nice meal, such pleasantries don't have to be the preserve of weekends.

10. Don't draw the curtains

Drawing the curtains has its pros and cons, with its pros being that less natural light and cold chills seep into your room. On the other hand, curtains usually make getting up 10x harder.


And unless you're uber-sensitive to light, or happen to live in a residential area full of street lights, leave the blinds open when you sleep and when you wake up, the natural light will awaken and stimulate the receptors in your brain more quickly.

11. Get a cat/dog

We would say get a baby, but might be a tad too extreme if you're only wanting help getting up in the morning, so why not invest in a cat or a dog? Both, in their ways, require a lot of feeding and are usually at the most hungry in the morning, something they'll be sure to let you know about!


It's an extra responsibility, sure. But they're also great companions and give you an added incentive to be more productive. 

12. Make a morning checklist

Make a list of all your essential items (i.e. keys, wallet, travel card, book, phone) and stick it on the back of your bedroom door. One of the main causes for people running late is having to go back after walking however long they have and collect something they need.


Not only is being forgetful a massive hindrance, but it can also cause a lot of raised eyebrows at the office if you're always turning up late. 

13. Stick to a bathroom schedule

Depending on whether you're living by yourself, with a partner or a big family, having a bathroom schedule can be incredibly time-efficient with a human being's propensity to procrastinate in the bathroom extremely high. 


It may sound regimented, but if you come to a consensus with your family/partner/yourself over how long you should take, you'll find yourself sticking to it in no time, no matter how tempting it might be to sit on the toilet and scroll through Twitter for 20 minutes.

14. Make sure you're weather-ready

Mornings can fluctuate. One moment it may be sunny, and just before you leave, it could bucket it down so be prepared and don't waste time throwing every item out of your wardrobe to find a coat or umbrella.


You could even be super-organised and design a weather-ready hallway, equipped with every single seasonal thing, from your umbrella and winter jacket, right through to scarves, gloves and hats.

15. Turn the radio up

Music sends our endorphin levels through the roof, which is why people dance and sing like they haven't a care in the world when their favourite track comes on.


We're not suggesting you'll suddenly becoming a jumping bean of joy first thing in the morning, but you'll certainly feel more energised as opposed to staring silently at a social media feed. 

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