10 Male Celebrities Who Are Always Well-Dressed

Lifestyle December 11, 2017 By Hugo

Love them or loathe them, celebrities have a canny knack for always looking good, and we can't help but be a tad envious of their prepossessing appearances. But with stylists at their beckon call and bank accounts that only ever grow, they already have an unfair advantage. They can be told what looks good and what doesn't and best of all they can afford all the clothes they want.

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But that doesn't mean they always they get it right- especially men. Unlike their female counterparts, male celebrities have a tendency to dress atrociously and are more than happy to commit heinous fashion crimes in the knowledge that their personality can make them exempt from anything- even Ugg boots.

But we won't dwell on such perpetrators. Instead, Lifehack Lane has profiled 10 male celebrities who always look good in whatever outfit they wear. 

1. Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik was crowned GQ's most stylish man of 2016, and with his penchant for uber cool biker jackets, eye-catching jewellery and dark coloured apparel, we can see why. Not that Malik has always been a sharp dresser. At the beginning of his career, Malik was very much a preppy-dressed teenager laden in Jack Wills and Abercrombie and Fitch- clothes the marketing team at One Direction no doubt insisted he donned.


But the Mind of Mine hitmaker has come a long way since his days as 1/5 of the world's most famous boyband, and Malik is now very much his own man and his evolving style reflect that. Describing why the singer was voted number one, a spokesperson for GQ said, "In a sea of generic monochrome suiting on the red carpet, Malik stands alone. He was an early adopter of the bold bomber jacket trend, wears camo with the casual ease of a Territorial Army foot soldier and is possibly the only person on earth who can get away with a dark shirt under a dark suit at an awards show." 

2. Lucky Blue Smith

This 18-year-old Mormon from Utah has quickly attained 'supermodel' status and is one of the few male models to be recognised wherever they go. But Smith is no ordinary model, and as well as being known for his razor-sharp cheekbones and platinum blonde hair, he is also an actor and musician. Of course, Smith does have the benefit of looking good every day of his life thanks to being a model, but it's his hipsterish style that captivates us as much as his steel gaze.

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Blending his rugged skater look with pure blues and blacks, as well as the occasional suit at events, Lucky Blue Smith manages to look good in all his outfits, which mostly consist of stonewashed coloured Levi's jackets, mall-rat hoodies, and oversized jumpers.

3. David Beckham

If ever there was someone who could dress well it's this guy. He always manages to pull it off, even if his previous faux pas left a lot to be desired (never google 'Beckham skirt'). But you learn from your mistakes, not that the married father of fourth makes many nowadays.

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And while he's a good-looking chap, good looks can always be overshadowed by a bad outfit and the former soccer player knows that. To offset this, Becks knows what works best. He's a classic man and a model citizen, so tailored suits, all-black outfits and slim-fitted jeans will always work. 

4. Tom Hardy

If ever there was a man who oozes coolness and perfection without even trying it's the Hollywood actor, Tom Hardy. Known for his gritty roles, Tom Hardy's on-screen characters are very much a reflection of his tousled yet devilishly handsome appearance with the actor looking at his best in a Levi's sherpa-lined jacket and Ray-Ban sunglasses. 

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Not that Hardy doesn't scrub up well in a Gucci suit and a pair of Air Max 95 trainers.

5. Harry Styles

We couldn't include a list without paying homage to the flamboyant hitmaker and style icon, Harry Styles. Granted, many men might scoff at his inclusion, but many would also be lying if they didn't think he wasn't a sharp dresser.

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Often at his most comfortable in a pair of black skinny jeans, suede boots and floral print shirts, Styles has the art of style down to a tee and is also someone who knows the importance of what a good shearling jacket can do for a guy's autumnal wardrobe.

6. Aziz Ansari

Anyone who doesn't like one of America's most talented comics needs to seriously reevaluate their cultural appetite but even on the off-chance you don't like the guy, there's no disputing Aziz's style. 

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Often seen in tailored suits, light coloured trench coats and dark-coloured jeans, Aziz is certainly a man for the occasion and is adamant that less is always more when it comes to dressing well. Speaking to GQ, the Master of None star said, "I try to do the thing in the book that Japanese lady wrote about paring your closet down: If you look at something and you don't love it, get rid of it.”

7. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is more than a pretty face. He's hilarious, talented and has the wittiest tweets you'll ever read. But what we like just as much is his style. 

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Perhaps looking at his best in a blue plaid suit, Ryan Reynolds will often come out top in most best-dressed lists whenever a major event on the red carpet has occurred but he is more than adept at looking sleek and cool when walking down Rodeo Drive.

8. Douglas Booth

Described by Emma Watson as 'offensively attractive', the up-and-coming British actor is very much in a league of his own when it comes to looking good.

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Often pictured in suits, baggy jumpers, skinny jeans, black boots and glossy pendants, Booth is very much a man whose style would be hard to knock.

9. Frank Ocean

The pretty boy of hip-hop left us waiting over four years before he finally dropped a follow up to his 2012 debut album, Channel Orange but with Ocean's swagger, we can't stay mad at him for long.

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Subverting from the traditional image of a hip-hop artist, Frank Ocean's more refined style is a refreshing change with the artist being just at home in a floral bandana and camo jacket as he is in a tailored suit. 

10. Alexander Skarsgard

Rounding off our list is the ice cool Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard. Famed for his role in True Blood and most recently in the live-action cinematic version of Disney's Tarzan, the handsome star hails from a place where dressing well is almost expected and because of this, the Scandinavian heartthrob has little problem in the fashion department.

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As a tall person with amazing hair and a jawline most models would envy, Skarsgard is in the enviable position of looking good in most outfits.


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