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14 Lifehacks You Can Learn In a Minute

Lifehacks August 22, 2016 By Vincent

We could all do with a few tips and tricks now and then to help us get by but sometimes we just don't have the time to implement them into our hectic schedules. Fortunately, we've compiled a few that can be learned and performed in a minute or less and can make the load that little bit lighter.

1. Stop An Oncoming Sneeze

There are a few techniques for this that may have varying results but they do all work

  • Blow your nose when you fee a sneeze coming on as this will clear the sinuses of whatever is causing the sneeze in the first place.
  • Squeeze your nose just above the tip and start pulling on it as though trying to remove it from your face. Don't do it so hard that it is painful but simply stretch out the cartilage and this should stop the sneeze.
  • Pinch your upper lip between thumb and forefinger and push lightly towards your nostrils with one digit going toward each nostril.
  • Press your tongues as hard as you can on the roof of your mouth just behind your two front teeth until the tickling sensation subsides.


2. Be Able To Spot A Liar

Okay, so this is hardly foolproof and is not going to allow you to spot a KGB spy in your midst but for your average Joe, certain facial expressions will give them away such as:

  • Eyes darting back and forth
  • Rapid Blinking
  • Looking to the right (if right handed)
  • Avoiding eye contact and closing eyes for more than a second
  • A False Smile (You can tell because a forced smile doesn't cause bunched skin beneath and wrinkles beside the eyes)
  • Touching their face a lot
  • Head shaking
  • Nose growing and pants catching fire (okay, so this one is a lie but the others are true, we swear)


3. Become More Mindful

It is all well and good saying that you should be more mindful but how does one go about doing this? Well, put simply, just ask yourself 'why?' before undertaking any task. Why are these decisions impacting on your life, health, and happiness and why are you doing them in the first place. Once you ask that, you may find yourself with clearer goals and a greater sense of well-being in life.


4. Exercise At Your Desk

It's hardly running a marathon but you can build muscle whilst sitting at your desk simply by pressing your hands together as hard as possible. You should feel pressure in your pectoral, shoulder, and arm muscles. This kind of isometric exercise requires minimal movement but strengthens muscles. For more desk exercise check out our article on the subject here.



5. Change Between Upper Case and Lower Case Text With Greater Ease

We've all done it where we've accidentally hit caps lock and typed out a paragraph in capitals only to wonder how you can get around the situation without having to retype the whole thing. Well, wonder no more. Shift+F3 is the savior to all your problems and by hitting it once you will convert the highlighted text to all upper case, twice will convert the text to all lowercase, and three times will capitalize the first letter of each word.


6. Evaluate Your Day Before Bed

Before going to sleep go through your day and evaluate what you did well and why, what you didn't do and why and what stopped you from doing so. Be honest with yourself and recognize if fear is holding you back from certain things and try and adopt an approach to alter that so that should the same issue arise the next day then you know what to do about it. It will also allow for a better sleep and stop you worrying about things.


7. Never Send An Accidental Email Ever Again

It is as simple as not typing in the address until you've finished and proof read your draft. Wonderful!


8. Make Anonymous Calls

If you value your privacy then there is a very easy way to make sure your number doesn't pop up on the other person's cell screen. In the USA, dial *67 then country code of the place you're calling ( that's 1 in the USA) and then the phone number. The call recipient will see a message like “unavailable” or “private number” on his caller ID.


9. Remember Your Medicine

Never forget if you've taken your medication by developing a pattern around your medication taking habits. For example, for a twice daily dose try tipping the bottle upside-down after you take it in the evening and flipping it right-side up after the morning dose. For  three times a day dose, place the bottle to the left of the room or cabinet you keep it in at the start of the day, in front of you during the middle of the day, and to the right of you after your last dose. The pattern doesn't really matter as long as you are consistent with it and can look back and see where the bottle is to remember if you've taken your medication or not.


10. Conserve Smartphone Battery

If out and about and not using the internet on your phone, then turn the wi-fi setting off. Your phone will constantly search for a connection even if you are out of range so switch it off and it will save energy. Also, if you switch to flight mode whilst charging the phone, it will charge much quicker.


11. Be More Productive

The most draining thing on the brain is prioritizing what to do for the day and so should be done first thing when you get into work when the brain is fresh. Don't waste time by mindlessly checking emails, decide what needs to be done first and get down to it.


12. Never Forget Where Your Gas Tank Is

Pulling into the gas station and finding you've parked at the wrong pump because your tank is on the other side is always a pain but if you look at your dashboard, the little gas indicator will have a tiny arrow next to it telling you where the tank is. Nice.


13. Use Less Ink

Simply by switching the color of texts on documents from black to gray, you use far less ink, printing is quicker and you become a greener person because of the fewer ink cartridges you use.


14. Appear More Confident

It is not just a case of being the loudest person in the room but rather being the best listener. By focusing on the person talking and showing a deep interest, you appear confident within yourself to know when to listen and when t progress a conversation forward.


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