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25 Lifehacks That Will Help You Through Winter

Lifehacks September 19, 2016 By Hugo

While spiralling gas bills, frozen engines and un-opened public services are realities that can't be avoided; many simple life hacks can make winter less troublesome.

With that in mind, and with winter fast approaching, we at Lifehack Lane have found 25 winter hacks that will save you precious time and money in a season that can often feel unrelenting.

1. Say goodbye to cold toilet seats


Nobody likes baring their bare buttocks on a cold toilet seat in the midst of winter, but that needn't be a problem thanks to this cheap and ingenious solution. Who knew unwanted socks could serve such a purpose? 


2. Use kitty litter for when your car gets stuck in the snow


Stuck tyres are a constant pain that many drivers suffer in the winter months so to avoid such an age-old problem try pouring some kitty litter around the tyres to provide them with traction.


3. Create cosy insoles from a carpet


Buying a new pair of winter boots can be expensive, especially if you have a family. To get around this expense, purchase a cheap rug from a supermarket and make sole-shaped cuttings for any type of shoe.

4. Reduce your gas bill by filling up your house with tea lights/fairy lights


You'll be surprised what loads of gleaming lights can do for the warmth of a human body.


5. Avoid creases in your boots


Winter is a time when good shoes can easily get ruined so it's worth investing in a few pool noodles. Not only do they keep the boots material from creasing but they also add a bit of gloss to the home.

6. A hot water bottle is your best friend


Most people make the mistake in winter of heating their home at night- a habit that is incredibly costly. Instead, turn off all heating before you go to bed and warm your bed up with a hot water bottle.

7. Wear plastic bags underneath your feet


Like with number 3, replacing shoes with more robust, winter shoes can be costly so it's sometimes easier to wear plastic bags underneath your socks. That way, you won't have frigid water seeping into your feet.

8. Craft mittens from old jumpers


This is a timeless winter hack. Just cut around your spread hand with an old jumper and then poke five holes for your fingers and thumb.

9. Cover your windows with bubble wrap 


Most people's homes don't have the luxury of double-glazed windows so it's important to keep the areas around the windows insulated. To do this, just cover them with bubble wrap.

10. Safeguard against winter frizz by using a dryer sheet


Hat hair is a common occurrence, and wind-swept hair is almost inevitable in winter, but your hair can quickly be restored to its best by tapping each disrupted strand with a dryer sheet.

11. CD's make great Ice-scrapers


No expensive ice-scraper? No problem.

12. Wear your dressing gown backwards


There's no need to invest in a onesie. Not only are they hideously ugly, but they are also highly expensive. Instead, simply wear your night robe backwards, just like this cool mama.

13. Make sure your car is parked facing East


Your morning commute can take significantly longer if your car's windshield is laden with frost. If it's parked facing the East, childrenhowever, the car will be more exposed to the radiant goodness of the sun, due to the sun also rising in the East.

14. Use stones to dry your shoes


Make sure your home is kept clean from the mess on your shoes' soles by creating a customised drying station laden with stones.

15. Use a draft stopper


Like with bubble wrap, draft stoppers are great at keeping creeping winds at bay.

16. Keep your children warm without purchasing expensive leggings


Keeping kids warm in the winter can be costly, but one way to save a few dollars is to use your knee-high socks as makeshift leggings for your children.

17. Sweep snow away with a broom instead of a shovel 


Contrary to popular belief, sweeping large swathes of snow as opposed to shovelling it is twice as effective.

18. Keep your ceiling fan on and spin it clockwise


It may seem rather odd to keep a fan on in winter, but for those with weak insulation systems, it can sometimes help due to the fan's motion forcing the travelling heat back down.

19. Putting tin foil behind a radiator will have a similar effect



Another simple hack to better insulate a room is to place tinfoil behind a radiator. Reflecting the heat, it will bounce the escaping warmth back into the room.

20. Replace your curtains with old quilts


Curtains, while they are good for blocking light, aren't always as efficient when it comes to protecting us from cold weather. To get around this, it's worth replacing your curtains in the colder months with warm and snug quilts.

21. Create a mini-fire from a flower pot 


As we've stated many times in this article, gas bills are a problem for many people across the world so another way to get round this problem is to create your very own fire. All you need is a large candle a flower pot, and four bricks to keep the installation upright. 

22. Use a lighter when your lock is frozen


Locks being thawed are a common occurrence in areas prone to sub-zero temperatures which can be incredibly annoying after a long and cold day's work. To prepare for this likelihood, always carry a lighter with you. That way, you can warm your key which in turn will thaw the lock.

23. Hot Chocolate is the winter drink of choice


A warm mug of hot chocolate can make even the harshest of winters bearable. 

24. Cover all floors with rugs 


It may sound like a no-brainer, what with central heating now being in almost every home, but even modern-day boilers (unless you have underfloor heating) can't take away the coldness of a bare floor; so make sure your home is laden with warm and woolly rugs.

25. Attach screws to the soles of your shoes 



Whether you're going outside for work or running a few miles, attaching screws to your shoes can save you from a nasty fall.


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