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LifeHacks- Gluten Free Dining

Lifehacks May 27, 2015 By Lifehacklane

Gluten Free Dining

Guest Post 

By: Mae Demdam

Gluten Free Dining

Source: people.ucsc.edu

Gluten free has been all the rage and while the dietary restriction was predominantly for those who suffered the autoimmune disorder, celiac disease, everyday people are jumping on the “grain-free” bandwagon. Although grocery store shelves are lined with Gluten-Free labels on just about every product one may still find it difficult to create healthy, grain-free meals. Here are some ways to enjoy a plethora of global flavors sans gluten.

Enjoy Mexican

(Tortilla Photo Cred: Lolwot.com)

Enjoy Mexican, Again

If a warm flour tortilla doesn’t appeal to your taste try a Chickpea Tortilla. Creating a pliable tortilla out of these amazing protein rich beans is easier than you thought! Look for chickpea flour at your local grocer and check out 19 Grain Free Ways to Enjoy Mexican Food for more unexpected ideas.

Mangia, Italiano

(Lasagna Photo Cred: YumUniverse.com)

Mangia, Italiano
Of course, the main feature of Italian dishes is pasta and with pasta comes gluten. Although there are a variety of gluten-free pastas on the market why not just subtract the pasta all together and reach for some strong vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, and squash which when layered can mimic a beautiful homemade lasagna that doesn’t lack flavor. Try YumUniverse’s recipe.

Chinese Take-Out Up a Notch

(Wonton Photo Cred: Glutenfreeonashoestring.com)

Take Chinese Take-Out Up a Notch
Chinese cuisine offers some of the most calcium-rich vegetables, but unfortunately for those looking for wheat and gluten free options wontons, dumplings and cold noodles are off the list. Not to mention many of their condiments, soy sauce being a huge culprit, you dim sum, you lose sum. But don’t fear there are options, like these “you can’t tell the difference” Gluten Free Wonton Soup.

“Creme de la Creme Brulee”

(Creme Brulee Photo: Celiacteens)

The “Creme de la Creme Brulee”
Think rich and hearty banquets filled with delicate pastries, desserts, warm baguettes and various cheeses, aka a gluten filled feast. There are ways to have your cake and eat it too or in this case, Creme Brulee. If you ever find yourself gluten-free in France this guide is extremely helpful.

Whether you’re gluten-free because of medical necessity, following the latest trend or trying something new for yourself, know that you don’t have to sacrifice your tastes for global cuisine.


Mae Demdam
Guest Post

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