10 Life Swaps That Could Drastically Change Your LIfe

Top Tips November 8, 2017 By Hugo

Life, in all its forms, can sometimes leave us feeling that little bit drained. We work longer than ever, and our lifestyle suffers because of what we're faced with.

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But where there's a will there's a way and if you have the motivation to improve your life then follow closely as Lifehack Lane guides you through ten small changes that will benefit your overall well-being. 

1. Swap late mornings for early mornings 

Research suggests we are more productive and happier in the mornings. That alone should be enough motivation to drag yourself from your comfy bed. After all, there's only so many hours in the day and to lose them just isn't worth it.

What's more, if your office is a 24-hour one, getting in earlier will significantly boost your social life and free up more time for other things as you can leave earlier.

2. Swap always saying 'yes' to sometimes saying 'no'

Saying 'yes' isn't always a good thing. Instead, it can lead to an over-packed diary where getting a moment to yourself proves nigh-on impossible.

But saying 'no' every once in a while will free up time and make you feel like your taking control as opposed to constantly feeling torn to attend events out of politeness rather than any real want.

3. Swap your phone every now and then for a peaceful walk 

Thanks to modern technology, we're always reminded of things. But it can get monotonous, and half the time it pushes your neck to the ground and away from the sights and sounds that make Earth what it is.

So leave your phone at home, look up and walk in a quiet area for 10-15 minutes. You'll feel better and find yourself thinking of things that you hadn't given a thought to earlier in the day. 

4.Swap self-criticism for self-adulation

In a way, being self-critical/modest is a good trait to have, as it forces you not to rest on your laurels and always to remain humble.

Then again, it doesn't hurt to offer yourself a bit of praise because if you don't, you'll likely never be satisfied with your achievements.

5. Swap sleeping in on the weekends for an early morning workout

Getting into work earlier is one excellent life swap we'd all benefit from, but many view the weekends as a time to do whatever you want- including sleeping in. However, weekends are a precious 48 hours of your life and should be treated accordingly.

So why waste four hours of it by sleeping in till noon when you could have woken at a respectable time of 9 or 10? That way, you can have a great morning workout, an early lunch with your friends and still have the whole of Saturday and Sunday to look forward to.

6. Swap fizzy drinks for water

Fizzy drinks are a dental killer and erode our teeth like no other product. It's a common problem, with a recent report predicting that 1 in 10 people worldwide will soon suffer from diabetes, so stick to cool glasses of water.

Not only will your teeth stay white and fresh, but you'll also possess a more radiant skin tone. But if the incentive of a nice pair of pearly whites wasn't enough motivation to rid yourself from soda pops, take a look at what happens when a tooth gets put in a glass of coke overnight.

7. Swap looking at the past for planning ahead 

No one should live in the past, and though having memories can offer us joy, that part of your life, is gone forever.

However, if you set goals for the future, it's likely your past will be a place you visit less and less. In the words of the late John. F. Kennedy, "Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

8. Swap giving up on your dreams for giving it another shot

The older we get, the more we give up. It's just the way it is, but it's an all too familiar rut that can easily be avoided.

So instead of lamenting your failed goals, work towards an attainable milestone. As humans, we all need something to look forward to, and it is usually the thought of our dreams coming true that offers us a child-like excitement that is often lost in the mundane trappings of adulthood.

9. Swap your regimented diet for tasty food

Life is full of rules and regulations, but you shouldn't let that be applied to your diet as well. And no, that doesn't mean force-feeding yourself sugar every day. But eating a slice of pizza every once in a while won't hurt.

That's not to knock healthy produce, but at times, it can seem more like a chore to consume, and if you want to eat a burger instead of a piece of kale, then go for it! After all, there's always the gym to burn it all off.   

10. Swap excuses and self-inflicted misery for brutal honesty

Honesty is the best policy, right? It is, but it can also be painful. Still, if you want to better yourself, you should start by being honest. If you continually lie to yourself, then you'll never fulfil your potential.  an excellent way to start is by questioning your effort shortly after completing a task.

Or if you've been working on a project, ask someone for their opinion (not your mum). That way, you're improving with each day that passes.


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