15 Life Lessons We Never Learn From

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Many people will relate to getting a good telling off by their parents and one parental phrase which is probably said more than any other is,"how many times do I have to tell you again?"

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However, even as we morph into working adults, there are things in childhood that not even the strictest of parents can adequately instill in us.

Admittedly, life lessons can be melodramatic at the best of times, so instead of chronicling a list of cliched life lessons we at Lifehack Lane have profiled 15 that people continue to overlook.

1. Money Is Not A Precursor To Success; Neither Is It The Key To Happiness 

It always comes as a shock to many who are told that the happiest communities on Earth are those who have little. But it is a truism which seemingly has little bearing on most of us who, for some reason or other, pursue wealth above anything else. 

Admittedly, in many aspects money can make your life easier, but like with anything good in life, the novelty soon fades and without love and passion, money is nothing more than a substitute for the things that matter. So if you crave financial success, then, by all means, chase it. Just don't expect it to make you any happier or define you as a person. If you think it will, then you're in for a rude awakening. 

2. Who You Hang Around With Is A Reflection Of You

Individuals who don't believe this are often those in denial about their actions and aspirations. Think about it: If you hang around with friends who only want to drink and party, how do you think you will be perceived by others who see you with them? They'll likely think that's how you are too, regardless of whether that's true or not. The same can be said if you are around kind, smart and caring people. 

The hardest part is knowing when to distance yourself from certain people you have little in common with or have grown to dislike. Once you do this, you are already growing as a person and making life better for yourself by merely being around people who make you happy and fulfilled.

3. Life Isn't A Race

There's no time like the present, and we can only ever get older, but that doesn't mean people should discount the importance of self-reflection. Everything nowadays is done with such urgency and with instant and on-demand access to most things the human race- particularly young people- have lost the ability to take a step back and assess things. 

With that in mind, next time you find yourself running around like a headless chicken, sit yourself down on the nearest bench and look up. At that moment, enjoy the process of the air entering your lungs. Observe others, and remember that while life can never be conquered, it can often be experienced. Working many hours and being ambitious beyond belief is certainly commendable, but sacrificing everything, including your health and happiness is a recipe for disaster. 

4. You Will Never Be Liked By Everyone

Let's face it: most of us want to be loved. It's innate in all of us to feel that way as we are pack animals so when someone doesn't like us or expresses ill-feelings towards us it makes us feel uneasy and even upset. And that's okay. It can be harder than others to stomach such realities, especially when you feel you are a good person.

Still, some people may not see you that way, and that's not a bad thing: it's just their opinion. If you understand that, then you'll begin to realise that as long as you're always aiming to be the best person you can be then the opinions of others who don't like you is irrelevant. Instead, focus on those who do like you. Not those who don't. 

5. You Can't Be The Same Person Forever

Many of us would like to remain that same care-free College student whose only care in the world is who was dating who but life is meant to be lived in stages which is why many find it harder to adapt than others. In more blunt terms, no party lasts forever.

So when you finally realize that your old ways aren't going to get you anywhere, go out and find out what will. Change your outlook on life by traveling, meeting new people and researching possible passions and career choices. By stepping outside of your comfort zone, you are opening yourself up to incredible and new opportunities. 

6. Health Is The Number One Priority

The elderly often complain that good health is wasted on the young because they fail to realize what a healthy body can do for one's life which is depressingly accurate. No, instead of preserving it and even enhancing it, we often forget about the repercussions drinking or smoking loads will bring later on, or the benefits that come from having a fully abled body.

Instead, we ignore our health and worry ourselves with other things that in the grander schemes probably aren't worth worrying about. All it takes is one piece of bad news, however, for that mindset to change. People often say after going through life-threatening conditions that it made them value what is truly important, but people shouldn't have to go through such ordeals to know that. 

7. You Are Never Too Old To Try Something New

When we grow older, we tend to prioritize the needs of others and things of more pressing concerns which can often mean letting go of your hobbies and dreams. But don't let it.

Whether you're a 30-year-old English teacher who always dreamed of writing a novel, or a 100-year old grandmother wishing to go back to school, it is never too late. It's an age-old saying, but one that is also an important truism.

8. Most Things In Life Are Possible

Your thoughts create realities. And that's a proven fact. Why? Because at one time or other, all these multinational companies, all-star athletes, and inspiring political leaders had nothing but their imagination. And within that imagination spawned a dream they went out and got. It would be wrong, of course, to suggests that all dreams come true, but that's not to say that a new one won't.

You may never play alongside Kevin Durant in the NBA, but you could still achieve your dream of becoming a coder for Facebook. Or a medical student at Harvard. If you don't try, you'll never get it. Being level-headed is important, but having no dreams can be soul-destroying.

9. Rushing Into Love Often Leads To A High-Speed Crash

How many times have you or someone you've known been in a relationship which feels so orgasmic and otherworldly that you put everything else on hold as you admire everything about each other? Chances are you can recall at least one or two examples which to an extent is good. It shows you or people you know have experienced a passion and desire like nothing else. But then again, even the most ardent of romantics have warned that love must not be rushed.

William Shakspeare, author of arguably the greatest love story of all time famously wrote, "love moderately; long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow." And who's to argue with the greatest wordsmith of all time? None of us, that's who. So listen to him and remember that no matter how strong the love is, things can quickly change.

10. Helping Others Can Lead To A Greater Level Of Fulfillment Than Most Other Things

It's easy to get wrapped up in our problems. Few have it easy, and chances are you'll feel that giving your time to someone else sounds overwhelming. But even taking half an hour out of your day- or even week- to do a good deed, whether that's volunteering at a soup kitchen or playing games with the elderly at the nearby care home can do wonders to not just them but you too.

You'll see people who are vulnerable, and your empathy will take effect, making you realize that life is short and precious. Most importantly, you'll see the bigger picture and realize that the world is a place where there is suffering as well as enjoyment and poverty amidst ever-increasing riches. 

11. You Don't Need To Have The Answers For Everything

We're often made to believe that being a know-it-all is somehow the single greatest thing you can be but no one has the answers to everything, least of all yourself, and there is nothing wrong with that. Instead, it's better to be intuitive and aware that there will always be new things to learn from and experience.

Most importantly, you shouldn't feel afraid to fail or admit that you are unsure about something. That's what life is about so and learn from the past and move on to forge a more rounded individual. 

12. Never Take Anything For Granted

Like with our health, the things we perceive to be 'smaller' are usually the things we most take for granted. You don't know what you have until it’s gone the saying goes and that extends not only to your health but everything you hold sacred, like your jobs your loyal group of friends, your loved one and of course your family.

Of course, we're all guilty of this, and to tell someone to learn from this common mistake is easier said than done. But if you learn to appreciate the value of time, and understand that your parents won't be with you forever, your life will be seen for what it is: a beautiful clock that will eventually run out of battery.

13. Putting Things Into Perspective Is Something Everyone Forgets To Do

Keeping things in perspective is one of the single most important things you can do in life to stop your mind from telling you you're doomed when in reality, most problems are minuscule. If you miss your train, breathe deeply and be prepared to wait another 20 minutes. Or if you didn't get the grades you needed for you favorite university then embrace the school that you are going to instead.

Ultimately, everything happens for a reason, and the things that we think will impact on our lives will often seem like little blips further down the road. At the time, to think like that is easier said than done, but once you begin to recognize and separate the problems that are truly worth worrying over, you'll find that you actually have very few worries at all. 

14Nobody Is Perfect, But That Doesn't Mean You Can't Strive For It 

Perhaps what humans overlook most in life is themselves. Instead, we focus less on ourselves and more on those who we believe are more desirable. We get intimidated and allow self-doubt to tell us that we should leave individual dreams to those more likely to succeed. "Who am I kidding?" many a person has probably bellowed.

Thus, until you realize no dream is stupid, or no part of you is ugly or inadequate, then you'll never feel satisfied. You'll never attain perfection, but if you learn to love yourself and go for every opportunity, you'll feel it inside. 

15. There Is No Such Thing As An Easy Road

While Bill Gates famously declared that he'd much hire a lazy person than a productive person "because a lazy person will find a faster way to do it" there was a catch to that statement.

The catch being that those who are employed by Microsoft aren't lazy, they just find ways to be lazy while also being productive. 

To cut a short point even shorter, if you think you can coast through life by merely being an opportunist, then you'll be disappointed. You have to make great sacrifices if you want to live a life you deem worthy of happiness. It's that simple.


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