8 Life Hacks That Will Significantly Boost Your Confidence

Top Tips December 5, 2017 By Hugo

Confidence is something that defines our personalities. Too much of it and we can come across as intense and egotistical. Too little and we get labeled introverts with not much hope of getting a partner or succeeding in day to day life. Cliched observations, admittedly, but ones that seem to strike a chord with a growing number of people on both sides of the spectrum. 


So what is the perfect medium of confidence? Is there a correct way to act? Probably not. But as these hacks show, the best attributes in life are usually those that come in moderation; with confidence being one of them.

Here are 8 life hacks that can be used daily to promote your inner-belief and hopefully send you into a blissful state of self-assured contentment. 

1. Guard bad thoughts 

Every day new thoughts enter our mind. What shirt looks better on me? Do I look tired? Am I turning into my father? Yes, quite trivial thoughts. But on some occasions, they can be more severe; and that's when the real test comes into play.

For instance, if you finished third in a swimming race, you might question your ability as a swimmer. Or, if you made a few mistakes on your college assignment, you could wonder if you're smart enough. These are simple yet destructive thought patterns that can manifest into crippling confidence. So nip them in the bud and be sure always to tell yourself that you can be whoever you want to be providing you work hard. 

2. Stand tall

How often do we slouch? A lot, probably. We're so used to only looking down at our phones and sinking into our chairs after a long day's work that we forget the importance our body language, and posture can give off to others. So Puff your chest out a little and stand tall and don't forget to smile.

You can apply this to almost any situation; be it a date, a job interview or even just a trip to the in-laws. What matters is that you're demonstrating pride in who you are.

3. Walk into a room like everyone's your friend

Without coming across a douche, this hack, done correctly, is bound to turn heads. Why? Because everyone appreciates the ability to make someone feel at ease. 

If you can walk into a room packed with people without any hesitation and a pleasant aura people will naturally gravitate towards you.

4. Keep the juices flowing

Confidence is an attribute that requires continual practice - which isn't always easy when you're run ragged from life's various dramas.

That's why it's important to stay motivated and in the zone. Listening to music, for instance, can help you stay atop of things and even prepare you for nerve-wracking occasions. 

5. Be around inspiring people

In most cases, confidence is usually derived from being around others who say you can achieve anything and that you are a great person.

Of course, confidence has to come from within, but it can be boosted in the initial phases by loving and kind people. Surround yourself with negative and rude people, however, and their words can shatter your confidence. If that's the case, then ditch them.

6. Exercise

Not only do the endorphins get a much-welcomed boost from a workout, but you also reap a whole host of physical transformations.

Admittedly, looking good and feeling good can be misconstrued as shallow. After all, one's appearance shouldn't directly affect self-esteem, but it certainly enhances it. So aim to make the gym a second home, and you'll soon discover what all the fuss is about.

7. Don't feel shy and embarrassed when someone compliments you

It's almost innate for certain people to feel shy and even embarrassed when a compliment comes their way. In some cases, people are far more adept at taking insults.

And that's because many- especially shy people- of us are so used to questioning our self-worth that we find it easier to carry ourselves in a more self-defeating manner. So when someone genuinely likes your outfit or applauds your latest piece of writing, say thank you, and smile rather than blush! 

8. Less talk and more action

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the best confidence is spawned from one's own want to improve. Once you've figured out what that is- whether that be writing a novel, landing your dream job, traveling the world, etc.- you can go about making that dream a reality. 

Doing this is, of course, a risk, and it's certainly easier to shield yourself from rejection by merely doing nothing. But in time, and by making room for your goals and aspirations, you are inadvertently building up your confidence by having a purpose. 

So many people know little about themselves or where they want to go, and their insecurities manifest as a result. So don't let that happen to you. Get things done, and create something special.  


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