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15 2-In-1 Products Everyone Should Have

Lifehacks November 10, 2016 By Hugo

It's fair to say that our lives aren't as easy as they once were and with longer working hours and lower wages, everyday tasks can take it out of us.

But thanks to these two-in-one products surprisingly few know of, it needn't be that way.

So with your precious time entirely in our minds, we at Lifehack Lane have scoured the web for 15 ingenious and time-effective products that can double up into many great things.

1. A chair that turns into a camping tent

If you've ever gone camping before then, you'll know what a strain it is when assembling the most simple of tents, but that isn't the case with this product.


Doubling up as both a chair and a tent, this product is designed by Kamp-rite, and with a support mechanism that raises the tent 11 inches, you're assured of a night far removed from the creepy crawlies lurking nearby.


2. A ring that can be used as a bottle opener

Who doesn't like a party? Not many, that's for sure, but even if you're somebody who prefers a drink away from the crowds, this elegant ring will be one of the best things you see all day.


Doubling up as a bottle opener, the 3-D printed product is stocked and sold by the American company OBJECTS and is hand-finished to the individual's specifications.

3. A pencil that spawns into a plant

Okay, this may be the most random you see all day, but there's no denying how awesome it is.


Supplied by the environmentally conscious American company, Sprout, the product's eraser is replaced by quality, non-GMO seeds, while other pencils turn into herbs, crispy vegetables, and even edible flowers.


4. A bracelet phone charger

How often do we forget to take our long and gangly chargers with us on a day out and then find ourselves without any battery life before we are home? Probably a lot but if you don't mind sporting a bracelet, that needn't be the case.



Admittedly, these bracelets aren't the prettiest, and if you're a guy they'll likely look worse, but they can be charged anywhere, meaning sockets are a thing of the past.

5. iPhone Mirror

While this is certainly one for the ladies, it doesn't have to come with a pink case. But regardless of its appearance, this mirror is ideal for those on the go and who might need to spruce themselves up on the way to work if they overslept.


Found on Amazon and various other sites, the product usually retails at a modest $20, and also doubles up as a card holder.

6. A shower head and Bluetooth speaker

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a long conversation with your friend about last night's TV while you take a long and soothing shower? Or how it would feel to have your face drenched in lukewarm water as Bruce Springsteen sings Born In The USA? Well, that dream can now be a reality.


Offering a 'spa-like experience,' the dual microphone enables you 'crisp' and 'clear' hearing and claims its spray is 'three times' more powerful than a standard shower head.

7. A Scarf that contains and conceals a flask

We're all privy to a cheeky drink every once in a while so what better way to exercise this guilty pleasure than by wearing this ingenious scarf?


Of course, you don't have to be drinking alcohol, and as long as you have a flask, you can store anything in it without having to hold it. Just make sure it doesn't spill.

8. A plant holder that can be used as a desk

If you have a lovely balcony or veranda, then this product is perfect. Ornately decorated, you can also use the lower surface as a desk.


Stocked by many retailers, this affordable product will allow you to breathe in the fresh scents of your chosen flowers each and every day you work.

9. The scarf that turns into a neck pillow

Neck pillows have been all the rage in recent years and are stocked in most major airports, but you'll be hard pressed to find this new product.


Relativity unknown to the public and still in its infancy, this impressive design is ideal for those prone to feeling even the slightest of chills.

10. Neon-lit cups

If you're afraid of the dark yet always need a glass of water by your bed, then these groovy cups are perfect.


Sold on eBay, Amazon, and many niche websites, these containers are also great when hosting parties and events.

11. An electric toothbrush with a built-in sand-timer

This cute product is perfect for teeth intelligent adults and parents trying to get their children to brush their teeth thoroughly.


So what are you waiting for? Set the timer for two minutes and brush away!

12. A water bottle with an inbuilt juicer

Who needs to purchase an item as trivial as a juicer when you can have one built-in to a water bottle?


Yes, coming with a separate container from which you can tip the juice into, the product is perfect for those on the go and in need of a little fresh fruit.

13. A stool that doubles up as a table

Ideal for campers, travelers and anyone who has the patience to wait in line for the latest iPhone, this seat can easily be turned into a chair within a few seconds.


Designed by the stylish Norm Architects, the original device, when the top is flipped, can also be used as a portable tray.

14. A fork, spatula, and tongs all rolled into one awesome BBQ appliance

Any man will tell you that their skills when presiding over the grill are second-to-none, but even then, it's unlikely they come close to the genius behind this multifaceted product.


Coming in the form of both a fork, spatula and tongs, grilling meats has never been easier.

15. A pillow built into your hoody

Perhaps saving the best till last, this pillow hoody is something everyone needs in their lives.


However, such a niche design means the product isn't easy to find, and the one featured above is still in development but HOODIEPILLOW has an array of quirky and awesome designs for all ages and uses, and whether it's an eye-protecting pillow or a monkey pillowcase, the brand has you covered. 

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