How To Choose Your Next Big Trip

Lifestyle April 12, 2017 By Vincent

Wanderlust can be a glorious thing that can take you all over the world and allow you to discover new places, new cultures, and new experiences but it can also cause havoc and chaos as you find yourself struggling to stay put in one place and are plunged into doubt and despair when wondering where you should wander to next.

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But fear not, there are a few ways of deciding where your next trip should be to and here we have a look at a few.


Leave It Up To Fate

There is something to be said for the random approach of perhaps, placing a pin in a map or spinning a globe and putting your finger on it. It may sound like a cliched and hokey device used on daytime TV shows, but it can genuinely be a good way to discover somewhere you'd never thought you would end up.

Set yourself sound ground rules (like no war zones and no places you've been before) and then just go for it. If wherever you land on doesn't appeal to you then at least you've learned where you don't want to go, cross it off your list and try again. You never know what you may discover.


Chase Something You Enjoy

Everybody has a passion for something, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging that. Perhaps this can be a way to also see the world as you chase after one thing and find another. For example 'chasing your next meal' is a great way for foodies to see the world as they pick places they want to see by its food scene or wealth of restaurants.

Coffee, beer, and wine lovers can do this also or alternatively; you could follow your favorite band and try to see them in as many places as possible. There's no shame in seeing the world for another reason other than seeing the world alone.


Tune Into Social Media

For better or worse, the age of social media of upon us and there's no shying away from it but then, why not use it to your advantage. Jump on Instagram and see where people are posting pictures from or look at conversations on Twitter and Facebook about places people have been and places they are planning on going.

Sure, people tend to present a rose-tinted view of their lives on social media and are unlikely to post about their bad experiences, but it can be a good place to start your research and work outward from there.


Ask Friends For Advice

Like minded people can be a great source of inspiration and where better to start with that than friends? For one thing, they should know what you are like and what you like to do, and you should have similar likes and tastes (that is why you're friends after all) so if they fell in love with a city or country, odds on you will too.

Maybe you can even convince them to come along with you and then you'll have a travel buddy to accompany on your journeying.


Don't Be Fearful of Cheap and Cheerful

Depending on what time of year you are looking at traveling, why not see what the cheapest options are. It may not get you far but you may also be surprised with what you can afford, and this wallet-friendly approach to travel is no less traveling than plowing a ton of money into an exotic, far-flung location.

Websites like Skyscanner have an 'everywhere’ destination option that can be utilized if you're not picky about where as long as it is somewhere else.


Trust Your Intuition

That little voice in your head that has been telling you to go to that obscure place or do more research into that one thing you tried a while back and would like to do more of may just be right. In fact, it most certainly is.

Follow your own intuition, and you won't be disappointed about your own choices as you set down your own path.


Don't Be Afraid

If there is a place you've always really wanted to visit but never had the guts to work up to it, then don't worry and just dive in. So what if you don't know the language or have no one to go with, push yourself and you may meet people or you may not, but you can still have a very good time on your own.

You may learn a lot about humanity and yourself just by overcoming these simple issues. Take the risk, and you'll be surprised why you never did it before.


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