10 Hipster Movies That Every Cinema In Williamsburg Still Screens

Culture March 6, 2018 By Hugo

The hipster subculture has become a growing trend in recent years, and many enclaves around the world now play host to a new breed of fashion-conscious vegans, but the epicenter of hipsterdom is undoubtedly Williamsburg, New York.

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There, you will find leg-strangling skinny jeans, well-maintained beards, underground breweries and thrift shops that sell lumberjack shirts for the modest price of $99. In recognition of this, and to follow-up on a recent piece we wrote chronicling the most hipster cities in the world, we thought we'd list 10 indie movies that local cinemas in Williamsburg will continue screening for years to come

10. Frances Ha

An ode to hipster millennials trying to make it in the big city after leaving the dwellings of their parent's middle-class cottage, actor-turned-director Greta Gerwig plays a student dancer trying to live her dream while maxing out credit cards and making endless mistakes.

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Shot in black and white, the naive protagonist spends most of the film mingling with other artists who also aim to fulfill their artistic ambitions without ever having the intention of looking for a more stable career- despite having hardly any money.

9. Inside Llewyn Davies

Significantly ramping up the hipster level, Inside Llewyn Davies follows a struggling folk singer as he ventures across American in the hope of making a professional living as a musician. On the road, the folk singer befriends a cat, grows a bushy beard and ends up jamming with the most famous hipster in Hollywood, Adam Driver.

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The meandering nomad likely resonated with many struggling musicians, and though the cruel nature of show business is laid bare, the critically-praised film ends on a brighter note than you'd imagine.

8. Paterson

Adam Driver plays a bus driver in Paterson, where the town is called Paterson. Still with us? If you haven't already been hipstered-out, Adam Driver, who we've just described as the antithesis of a hipster, writes poems in his spare time and seems more than content living his life by analyzing it rather than living it how others typically deem you should.

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Content with his life, the unspectacular melancholy of the film encourages us to see the extraordinary in the everyday encounters we so often overlook, and while the slow pacing of the movie might jar at times, Paterson proved a hit with critics and left audiences pleasantly surprised.

7. Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

Now a cult smash, the wet dream of hipster movies was initially lambasted as pointless despite being incredibly witty and innovative in the way it was filmed. Still, critics weren't buying it, but anyone who knows anything about gonzo journalism or Hunter S. Thompson will appreciate how well done this film is, even if they dislike the narrative.

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Now recognized as a cult classic, in 2009 the film was ranked higher than Ben-Hur and Breakfast At Tiffany's. The iconic image of Johnny Depp’s distorted head is now embedded in popular culture and for good reason.

6. The Room

A self-financed vanity project of the writer, producer, actor and star Tommy Wiseau this has become a legendary film in cult circles as midnight showings see fans scream at the continuity errors and the out of focus frames whilst the laconic acting styles are comic at best.

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The irony is, the film did make Wiseau a star but for all the wrong reasons, and years after the cult following, a recent film adaptation starring James Franco called The Disaster Artist was released to critical and commercial acclaim- something The Room failed to achieve. But as any hipster will tell you, it's cool to like things that other people don't. 

5. Requiem For A Dream 

Darren Aronofsky's adaptation of Hubery Sleby Jr's gritty book sent shivers down the spine's of cinema-goers when it was released due to its stark depiction of drug use, and the lengths addicts go to get them.

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Now a cult classic, the film has almost become a warning to the malleable on why you should never touch drugs. 

4. Her 

From the oversized glasses to the finely-manicured mustache and plaid shirts, Theodore Twombly is every inch the New York hipster, and like many, can't seem to find love, so goes on various dating apps to find 'her.'

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Eventually falling for a computer-automated device voiced by Scarlet Johansson, the ukelele-strumming protagonist's angst at not being able to find his place in society is a relatable theme that made Her a compelling piece of cinema.

3. Lost in Translation

Bill Murray stole the show in this lugubrious movie about love and the age-old question: what if? Set in the rip-roaring metropolis of Tokyo, which, if you read our article on hipster cities, will know that hipsterdom is everywhere you look, Murray's love interest is the beautiful Scarlet Johansson, who unsurprisingly catches his eye as he dines by himself in a dimly-lit hotel bar.

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But this isn't your traditional boy meets girl romance. Sofia Coppola's film explores life's uncertainties in both the young and old, making for a movie that will leave you with a better understanding of the connections that drive human relationships and the facets of life that drive them apart.

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

When Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind came out, Charlie Kaufman's film marked a change in roles for an actor who had made millions as a comic star. But just like with Adam Sandler in the Paul Thomas Anderson movie, Punch Drunk Love, Jim Carrey's role alongside Kate Winslet is both heart-rendering and beautiful.


Carrey's character wishes to erase the memory of his heartbreak by undergoing a procedure that spawns mind-blowing scenes chronicling the human experience of love that critics believe are some of the best in modern-day cinema. This is undoubtedly Kaufman's best work. 

1. Garden State

Coming-of-age movies can often tap into the psyche of the hipster experience in a way other films can't owing to the subculture's young demographic, and Zac Braff's chef-d'œuvre is a movie that certainly spoke to the everyday hipster.

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Braff acted, wrote and directed Garden State, which co-starred Natalie Portman as an innocent, yet quirky girl next door type who falls in love with him. The Scrubs star also oversaw the soundtrack, with was Grammy nominated thanks to the eclectic mix of artists, which ranged from Coldplay to The Shins and Iron & Wine. 


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