Here's How Burgers Are Made In 10 Different Countries

Lifestyle December 21, 2017 By Hugo

Thanks to their flavoursome yet straightforward ingredients, burgers are consumed around the world. However, while many are imitations of the American classics, there are some unusual recipes that, for better or worse, have captured the public's attention.

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Here, we chronicle 10 countries that have created a unique take on the universally loved dish.

1. Mexico

While they may share a border with a country that knows a thing or two about what constitutes a dainty burger, Mexicans aren't afraid to experiment with different recipes.

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Take this creamy guacamole burger mixed with chorizo beef. Topped with spicy jalapeño peppers and salsa, this is a Mexican favourite that goes perfectly with a simple side of rice.

2. Greece

Unlike the Mexican spice bomb, this delicious Greek lamb burger is probably safe for those whose taste buds aren't best pleased with spice.


Feta cheese and relish top a lovely cut of lamb to give the burger a cooling taste without being ruined by the often overwhelming taste of thick sauces burgers are sometimes guilty of.

3. Japan 

While Japan serves rice burgers in their millions, many parts of East Asia also consume these tasty burgers.

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Replacing the traditional breaded bun with fried rice cakes due to the abundance of rice at their disposal, the burger patties themselves come full of delicious ingredients including shrimp fritters, fried burdock, grilled pork, and strips of sweet beef.

4. Denmark

It may look like the remnants of an intergalactic alien's vomit, but don't be fooled: Denmark's 'Bøfsandwich' is one tasty burger. 

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Dappled in ketchup, French mustard, raw, grilled, and crispy onions, the burger is then doused in gravy to give it its signature 'I don't care what I look like because I'm tasty' look.

5. South Korea

Korean's have a slightly different spin on what constitutes a good rice cake burger, and one of their most well-known burger dishes is the 'Bibimbap Burger,' which pretty much tests the resolve of two rice cakes keeping the thing together. 

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Packed with ground beef, peppers, mushroom garnish and topped with a fried egg, this is one Korean dish that won't be leaving you hungry anytime soon. 

6. Italy

Italian cuisine needs little introduction, but their burger dishes sure do. One such recipe every foodie should know of is their mouthwatering 'Meatball Burger'. 

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Using only the finest cuts of veal and delicious Italian sausage, the Meatball Burger is decorated with parmesan basil, Calabrian chilli oil, buffalo mozzarella and saffron-pickled zucchini.

7. India

Because the majority of India's population follow the Hindu faith, the cow is seen as a sacred animal, meaning the traditional beef burger is almost impossible to find. 

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Still, in a nation that is known the world over for its world-class cuisine, it's little surprise there are many alternatives. One such example is the 'Vada Pav' burger, which sees a deep-fried potato patty merged with an exotic blend of mint chutney and green chillies.

8. Serbia

Serbia is probably the last country that springs to mind when thinking of a good burger, but their unusual take on the much-loved food is tasty beyond belief. 'Pljeskavica' as the national dish is known is made using a grilled meat patty spawned from a concoction of pork, beef, and lamb.

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The burger is also popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina and can be topped with almost anything, but often includes a mix of bacon, cheese, and hot peppers.

9. China

While killing a donkey and then eating it won't sound like everyone's cup of tea, those who venture to the Chinese province of Hebei will probably come across similar variants of the 'Donkey Burger.' The meat is typically served on a flatbread called 'shao bing' and then sprinkled with cilantro and green peppers. 


The burger can also be eaten cooked, or raw, and was a popular dish during the Ming dynasty. 

10. Cuba

Plenty will object to using skinny fries as a burger topping, but somehow this delightful Cuban burger, known as the Cuban Frita Burger' manages to pull it off. 

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Like the Mexican burger, the beef is mixed with grounded chorizo to give it that palatable kick before being flavored with paprika and topped with a fried egg and skinny fries. 


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