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20 Funny Family Photos

Entertainment May 12, 2016 By Vincent

Everyone has a bad photo from time to time, usualy on their passport or driver's license, but sometimes the whole family gets involved and it can have hilarious and awkward results. Here are 20 of the best ones we could find.

1. Plenty of Potassium

I don't want to knock anyone who teaches their children to eat their fruit and veg, but why are they all eating a banana at the same time and why are they brandishing it at the camera like that? Why do they all look so happy to have bananas? Have they never had them before? This is all kinds of weird.




Dad, why are you grimacing in that old family photo? Oh, is that just how you smile? Oh...


3. Floating Head

Kids, your dad isn't going to make it home in time for the family photo so we'll just add him in later like a giant disembodied head that looms over us in our nightmares.



4. Where's The Camera?

With half the family looking one way and half the other, this whole thing looks a shambles. One baby is crying and someone is gurning at the back their, clearly unimpressed.


5. Dad Looks Shocked

Why does dad look like he's never had his photo taken before? Does he not know what to expect? Is he surprised by the flash? Whatever it is, the daughter is clearly unimpressed by her dad's reaction but at least mum has got her smiling game down.


6. Hunting Trip

Just as a heads up, if you're going to take a family portrait, try not to swaddle yourself in the furs of dead animals and make it look like you're in the arctic. Especially if you're clearly not in the arctic.


7. Game of Thrones

At what point you decide to don pink leotards and form a distorted crab throne for your child to sit on occurs to you I'm not quite sure and neither is the baby by the looks of it.


8. Leg Bridge

There is a time and place to show off how flexible you are and that place is not when taking a family photo when it looks like you could drop kick a child in the face at any moment.


9. Cowabunga!

I'm not going to lie, this is actually awesome. If I had my photo taken with one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I'd be ecstatic!


10. Wheres Waldo?

The point of Where's Waldo? is to find him in the crowd not make the crowd look like him!


11. Leather Vests

The leather vest is always a bold fashion choice and it takes someone of a...err...certain character to pull it off. Getting the whole family to don one guarentees at least one (if not all) of you is going to end up looking the fool.


12. Creepy Doll

It's one thing for the kids to have a toy in the family portrait but when dad brings his along it is probably going a bit too far. Given that this one is a super creepy ventriloquist dummy it adds to the strangeness of the photo.


13. Did Someone Say Smile?

If no one is happy to be here then why are you taking the photo?


14. Chim-chimeney-cheroo!

Dad really was proud of his job as a chimney sweep, a little too proud perhaps.


15. Ready For Battle

When you said an 'epic' family photo, I didn't think you meant it so literally.


16. Poor Timing

If you turn your head and I blink just as the photo is taken it will look great. Even better if you don't smile at all.


17. Just In Case I Forget

Get a photo of my tattoo of you guys, with the tattoo so that I can prove how good a job the tattoo artist did.


18. Murderous Thoughts

There are so many questions raised about this image. Why is no one wearing a shirt? Why is the dad putting an axe in his daughter's chest? Why is he getting so handsy? It's all very strange and discomforting and we're not really sure about it.


19. Party Time

Formal poses with solemn faces are a perfect juxtaposition to our jaunty party hats.


20. Teddy Bears Picnic

Family photo later, don't forget to bring your favorite stuffed animal.


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