18 Foods That Will Help You Get More Fiber

Lifestyle November 16, 2017 By Vincent

Fibre is important in a diet and is quite often overlooked by many when they consider what they should be eating. Getting the right amount of fiber helps us digest our food and aids in...err...passing it properly so if you feel you need more fiber in your diet, these could help.

1. Sweet Potatoes

With around 6g of fiber in a large sweet potato, these beauties are durable, dynamic and loaded with the good stuff. Great with curries or a lighter, sweeter alternative to your standard potatoes these bad boys are tasty, fiber-packed treats.


Load them up as potato skins and bake them for a great snack or add them to meals in fry form for a bit of an alternative vibe.

2. Raspberries

Raspberries are an amazing fruit as they are naturally low in sugar and calories despite being so sweet and juicy, and high in fiber.


A cup of these juicy edibles contains an immense 8g of fiber and has only 65 calories so add them to everything from desserts to drinks.

3. Black Beans

Great for burritos, salads, and stir-fry, these tasty little morsels contain a stunning 19g of fiber in just a cupful. Filling and delightful these beans will keep you fibered up.


4. Edamame Beans

These bean pods are great finger food and delicious to chow down on.


Cooked and lightly salted, they are a wonderful, healthy snack that just pop straight into the mouth but they can be fried with garlic or even skewered and fried on the BBQ and with 8g of fiber per cup, it's definitely worth it.

5. Apples

Yes, the humble apple is a rich source of fiber with a regular sized one having 4.4g of the stuff.

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It need not be eaten on its own though and can be put in pies and pastries with sweet and savory options.

6. Avocado

The most Instagrammed fruit in the world, a whole avocado has 9.2g of fiber in it so not only does it look beautiful but it does beautiful things.

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Goes great on toast, especially with a poached egg, or in a nice guacamole. It can even be used to keep bread and baked goods moist.

7. Brussel Sprouts

The long-derided Brussel sprout has many more avenues available to it than being the vegetable nobody eats at Christmas, it can be fried in butter, baked and blended and even used in coleslaw.

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With 4g of fiber per cup, a few more of these on the plate surely won't hurt.

8. Quinoa

There's more than a grain of fiber in this grain (see what we did there?) with an impressive 5.2g of it in a cupful of quinoa.

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A great, lighter alternative to rice that fills out meals easily.

9. Artichokes

A medium artichoke has 7g of fiber in it and you can stuff them, boil them, stick them in a soup; amazingly diverse little things that they are.


10. Blackberries

Delicious and nutritious, this juicy fruit contains 8g of fiber by the cup and will sweeten the deal of any meal.


11. Prunes

Given their reputation for helping you pass things, you may not want to have too many of these in one sitting but around six will contain 4g of fiber.

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Great stewed in port or with puddings, they're sticky nature is great for keeping dishes together.

12. Navy Beans

Soups and salads always benefit from a hearty dose of navy beans and one cup of the nautically named beans have 19g of fiber to power your digestive tract.


13. Chickpeas

Chickpeas can be crispy, crunchy or soft and still be satisfying to swallow. 12.5g of fiber will be your reward for guzzling a cup full of these peas.


14. Broccoli

A medium stalk of broccoli will have 6g of fiber in it so layering the stuff into any meal will really boost your intake of it.


It's lean, green and supreme in any dish.

15. Chia Seeds

Just an ounce of these tiny oats gives you a 10g boost of fiber and they are super easy to sneak into breakfast, porridge or smoothies and go great with fruit and berries.

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16. White Beans

11g of fiber is in a cup of white beans and they go great with a creamy sauce or as a side to almost any dish. 

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17. Lentils

Positively pulsing with fiber, a cup of cooked lentils has 16.5g of the good stuff and by making curries and dahls with these tongue-tingling tasties you can pack away the goodness like nobody's business.


18. Pears

A medium pear will have around 5.5g of fiber in it and they taste great raw or cooked. Throw them into cereals or bakes for a fruity surprise or just nosh on it as nature intended.

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